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Current Law- update: [February 2021] 33 Bills Approved for the New Proposed Bill Legislation Process in 2021-term. The so-called Prolegnas, National Legislation Program is an annual program within the legislative body o set of new proposed of new laws and updating laws to be discussed in the parliament – DPR. The approval comes (more law-update )










News: [2009 - 2003]


[2009][DISCUSSION] - October 2009: The International Finance Corporation (IFC) discussion with Dahana.

 The discussion focused at business legal environment in Indonesia, where lawyers at Dahana has been through in 2009. The luncheon discussion in Jakarta was held in an informal environment between Mr Smara Dahana with 6 staffs at the IFC of Washington (US) and Ms. Fararatri (of Jakarta, Indonesia IFC Office). Ms Madalina Papahagi questions focused on the private sector Development, while Mr. Dobromir Christow focused more on investment climate. The discussion will be a small contribution to the upcoming 2010 IFC Book 'Doing Business in Indonesia'.


[SPECIAL TASKS] - December 2008. Expert Team in International Treaties.  A number of closed focused discussion groups are held at a number of universities, where discussions emphasized the need of clear basis for Indonesia to move forward into a number of international agreements to be concluded. The small group of experts in international law was established in December 2007, under the initiative of the Directorate General of Law and  International Treaties, Department of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia represented by a number of Indonesian ambassadors, senior diplomats and a number international law lecturers of faculty of laws at a number of state/public universities in Indonesia (University of Indonesia, Padjadjaran University, Gadjah Mada University), and legal practitioners. One of the team is led by the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia, Center for International Law Studies (LPHI FHUI). The expert team will come up with a result and academic approach on various issues in conjunction with Indonesia' relationship with third countries under the international law regimes, where international treaties are the concern. Smara is one of the member of the team.

[REFERENCES] - August 2008. The Canadian government released list of lawyers in Indonesia, for its citizen who wish to make contact with its counterparts in Indonesia.DahanaRekan is one on the list together with other Indonesian law firms since 2003. Visit the site here.


[COOPERATION] - June 2007, Champion Legal and DahanaRekan annual meeting.

The signing of independent legal cooperation took place in Sydney NSW Australia, aimed at revitalizing its business service relationship between the two law offices initially since 2003, through exchange of ideas, vision, current progress of laws and legal system of both countries, followed by exchange of business papers. The meeting was attended by (picture from left) Geoffrey Roberson and Jason Sprague (Partners of Champion Legal Pty. Ltd) and Smara Dahana (Partner of DahanaRekan). The signing between the two offices took place in Sydney, NSW in January 2003, attended by Geoffrey Roberson, John Fisher, Jason Sprague and Smara Dahana.


[BUSINESS] - December 2006, New Strata Office at Rasuna Office Park. In its 6th year of establishment, DahanaRekan moved to its new strata office at Suite IO-07 Rasuna Office Park, Kuningan Business District. The mezzanine office-type provides more spaces for staffs and lawyers, to serve clients better. The new office is still within the same business district with the previous office at level 8, suite 801 Aspac Kuningan Building.

[DISCUSSION] - April 2006, Bandung, Indonesia. Seminar on International Trade Laws. Department of International Trade Laws of the Faculty of Law of the Padjadjaran University and the Directorate-General of International Treaties and Laws of the Department of Foreign Affairs, held a seminar on Indonesia’s Responses towards WTO Disputes’ in Bandung. Attended by law lecturers, law students, practitioners, private sectors, and WTO stake holders, the result are to encourage more from the foreign affairs and trade to cooperate with private sectors in facing WTO disputes. Smara Dahana is one of the speaker (paper with title 'Trade Defense Mechanism in Indonesia: A Legal Note'), together with others from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Trade, Department of Agricultural, law lecturers and business associations.

[SPECIAL TASK] - Forum WTO Indonesia 2003 - 2008

Along the year of 2003 to 2008, Forum WTO Indonesia has conducted numerous meetings, discussion, seminars, workshops and close dialogues with wide spread of domestics and international WTO stakeholders in various subjects and issues. Parties invited are Director General of Intellectual Property Rigth’s (IPR) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Department of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, Coordinating Minister of Economics of the Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Research and Technology, Indonesian Capital Market Arbitration Board, The Indonesia Committee on National Economy Recovery (KPEN), the Indonesian Competition Oversight Committee (KPPU), Centre for Strategic of International Studies (CSIS), Association of IPR Indonesia, Indonesia Chamber of Commerce (KADIN),  legal practitioners, lecturers, NGO and businessman. International institutions are also parties invited, such as the World Bank Jakarta Office, Bureau for Economic Integration of the ASEAN Secretariat Jakarta, members of the European Union, UNCTAD, UNIC, UNSFIR, TRIPS Watch, WIPO Officials, Indonesia Deputy to United Nations and International Organizations, Australian National University, the Philippines University and the ASEAN countries. Along with it, a number of prominent individuals were also invited to share visions, such as Prof. Emil Salim, Dr. Pande Raja Silalahi, Mr. Bijit Bora (Counselor of Economic and Statistic Research Division of the WTO in Geneva), Mr. Martin Khor, (Director of Third World Network) and Pascal Lamy,  the Director General of the World Trade Organizations. Subjects of discussion varies from IPR to  NAMA (Non-Agricultural Market Access), from agricultural to GATS, also implementation and development, and trade facilitation.

History of the Forum World Trade Organization (WTO) Indonesia: Forum WTO Indonesia was established in February 2003,  under the initiative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (MFA-ROI), Mr. Hassan Wirajuda, during the Foreign Policy breakfast Meeting at 5 February 2003, aimed at World Trade Organization issues dialogues between WTO stakeholders in Indonesia (acting on their individual capacity) between government officials, the central bank, state commissions, university researchers, economics, Non-Government Organizations, business associations, legal academic/legal professionals. 25 persons are the patrons and appointed co-founders










  DahanaRekan News:




(alumni) February 2020: Smara Dahana is one of 12 members Alumni Advisory Board of the Law Alumni Padjadjaran University for the period of 2020-2024. Previously, Smara was the coordinator for Academic and Alumni Relation (2016-2020).


News: [2019 – 2010]

[CSR] Law Student Mootcourt Competitions. Along the year 2016 to 2020, lawyers at DahanaRekan had been involved in coaching law students in 40 teams of 500 law students at the Faculty of Law Padjadjaran University (Indonesia) involved in groups of moot-court competitions.

The law students moot-court participants number so far involved annually are around 6 to 20 each team, who competed monthly at national level (5 competitions) or international (7 competitions) with flying-colours results.

The coaching has included share of techniques of drafting, legal researches, oral debate, legal procedures, strategies, subject legal matters in civil law, corporate law, private and public international law. The team debates are held at national level, regional level and international level namely AsiaCup (Japan), William Cvis East (HongKong), AirLaw (Vienna), ICC (the Hague), IMLAM (Australia), Jessup (Washington DC, US), ALSA, BANI, Djokosoetono Cup (UI), Bulaksumur Cup (UGM), Pringgodigdo (UnDip) etc.

[2017] (alumni UNSW Law): UNSW Law Alumni Annual Gathering, March 2017. The gathering attended by 7 Indonesian UNSW law alumni, was held at Bebek Bali restaurant Epicentrum Kuningan Business District in Jl Rasuna Said Jakarta. The evening was fruitful as most of the alumni gets older but still recall their memories of good times and hard times as law student. A number of bureaucrats got promoted or posted as part of their career. .... (More on UNSW Law Alumni Indonesia ...)

[2015] (alumni UNSW Law): Jakarta, Fairmont Hotel, October 2015: UNSW Alumni with UNSW New Dean Professor Ian Jacobs. The luncheon with the new Dean of the University of New South Wales accompanied by UNSW International Stundent Director and UNSW Secretary are to introduce and to tighten the relationship with the alumni currently reaching class of 1960 to 2010. The luncheon are attended by 10 UNSW Alumni representing 10 faculties, including Mr. Hartarto ex Minister of Industry for two period of 1983-1993. Law Faculty representation are Mr. Smara Dahana, SH., LL.M and Mr. Chairulsaleh SH.,LLM (State Secretariat Cabinet of Indonesia, Jakarta).

[2014] [Alumni]: Jakarta, October 2013: Dinner with Dr. Colin Picker and Indonesian UNSW Law Alumni

The dinner was fruitful, where Dr. Colin Picker (UNSW Law Associate Dean - International), Ms. Lydia Santoso (Australian Lawyer) and Ms Kirrilee Hughes (Deputy Director, Indonesian Affairs) invited 8 Indonesian Alumnis (excluded of 5 apologies) to a dinner in Jakarta. The discussion covers from work, business, traveling, family and future and to enhance the tie between Indonesian Law schools and the UNSW Faculty of Law. Dr. Colin expected some Indonesian students to take Juridical Doctor at the UNSW to broaden and combine knowledge between the two different legal system of Common Law and Continental Law in practice.

Our previous pictures of UNSW Alumni – Indonesia gatherings in Jakarta to UNSW Sydney Campus (2004 to 2019)


[REFERENCES] - December 2011. The United States Embassy in Jakarta has included DahanaRekan law office in its list of referred law office in Jakarta for American nationals during their stay in indonesia for business purposes.  However, the pdf-form (page 5 of 10) shortlist of 25 Indonesian and foreign-afiliated law offices in Jakarta shall be as reference only. Visit the site here.