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Current Law- update: [February 2021]:


33 Bills Approved for the New Proposed Bill Legislation Process in 2021-term. The so-called Prolegnas, National Legislation Program is an annual program within the legislative body o set of new proposed of new laws and updating laws to be discussed in the parliament DPR. The approval comes - more law-update 




  Our Legal Services


Legal opinion and advice on general and particular legal issues, legal papers, contracts/agreements/ statute, covering civil, commercial or trade, anti-dumping, labour law public international law, international trade laws and property/ infrastructure.


Legal review of various legal instruments faced by individual clients or company or group of companies, domestic or multinationals, such as: business contracts, agreements, legal forum of dispute settlement, legal terms and interpretation.


Legal drafting of contracts or agreements and or other legal instruments concluded by clients.


Legal assistance and legal representation with third parties, before the anti-dumping authority in anti-dumping cases and the Indonesian court of first instance in commercial litigation.


Legal researches and legal analysis on Indonesian laws for the purpose of business or investment decision.


Our Legal Practices


-    Corporate and Commercial Law


-    Commercial Litigation


-    Family Law (Indonesians and foreigners)


-    Foreign Investment


-    Good Corporate Governance


-    Infrastructure (FIDIC Terms)


-    Labour/Industrial Relations Law


-    Legal Researches


-        Public International Law










Foreign investment companies, foreign companies, embassies, foreign government trade representatives and individual expatriates from Australia, Canada, Chile, Egypt, German, Guatemala, Iran, India, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, United States, Venezuela in the business areas of agriculture, chemical, employment, food supplies, financial services, general trading, health, hospital services, international schools, manufacturing, oil exploration machineries, property/apartments, publishing, trade associations, etc.


- Indonesian state enterprises in financial services, electric power infrastructure and constructions.


- Indonesian private companies and public listed companies in steel pipes, oil explorations, textiles, ceramics, financial services, construction, property consulting, property management, etc.


Our Representation:


The following are some of our services accomplished:


1. Public International Law: Representing an Indonesian-Japan Oil Services company in taxation legal claim by UNTAET, a matter of state jurisdiction issue under the Montevideo Convention in Timor Gap.


2. International Law/Commercial/ Private Law: Providing Legal Opinions for a number of foreign country governmental and public institutions, namely tax office, court, bank, ministries in Darwin, Dili, Singapore, Sydney, Geneva, Tokyo.


3. Trade Law: Representing petitioner of Indonesian major steel pipe manufacturer in an anti-dumping case (under the GATT Rules 1996) against East Asian largest trading house.


4. Corporate/Commercial: Acting as corporate secretaries of group of foreign investment companies, state-owned companies.


5. Labour Law: Representing Indonesian and foreigner employees in labor issues at embassies, trade offices, international institutions in Jakarta.


6. Infrastructure: representing foreign government and Indonesian companies in drafting agreement of construction, management, sell and purchase of properties and mixed used property, including under the FIDIC International terms.