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UNSW Law Alumni

Indonesia Chapter

The UNSW Law Alumni Indonesia Chapter was established in 2004, with members around 70 Indonesians and 20 non-Indonesians working in Indonesia. The alumni professions are attorney-at-law, advocate, legal seniors at the president's office/general attorney office/parliaments/government offices, diplomat, law lecturers, legal staff at local and multinational companies.

Currently, the UNSW Law Alumni Indonesia Chapter is chaired by Smara Dahana, Secretary: Ms. Makainas.

The Alumni held meetings formally once a year and other gatherings along the years, some make trips to UNSW Campus in Kingsford Sydney with friends and families.




 UNSW Alumni Award Dinner, the Scientia UNSW Sydney, June 2009

In its 60th anniversary, the University of New South Wales held its anniversary at the prestigious Scientia Building, UNSW main campus in Kingsford, Sydney, June 29, 2009. The dinner awarded 8 alumni with excellence in each of its particular area in business, art, medical, law, engineering, education, environment and social works.

Smara have had the honor to attend the dinner, followed by a meeting the nest morning with the UNSW Law Faculty DeanProfessor David Dixon and Audrey Blunden (Senior Lecturer and International Education Advisor) at the Law Faculty in Kingsford. Smara is the  co-ordinator for the UNSW Indonesian Group of the UNSW Alumni Law Chapter.


Visit to UNSW Law Faculty New Campus, Sydney, July 2007

Smara Dahana and Prof. David Dixon at the Moot Court Room at the UNSW Law Campus.

The new law campus located at lower campus in Kensington are 4 levels high, a modern design by UNSW alumni architect, initially occupied end of 2006. Smara have had the opportunity to enjoy the campus tour, accompanied by the Dean of the UNSW Law Professor David Dixon, the  International Education Advisor Ms. Audrey Blunden.


IKAMA ANNUAL DINNER, Jakarta, July 2007

Jakarta, Nikko Hotel, 1 July 2007.

Agung Widodo, the President of AUSAID alumni for Indonesia (right) spoke with Australia Ambassador for indonesia

IKAMA, the Association of Indonesia-Australia Alumni, held its annual dinner. The UNSW Law Alumni Chapter of the Indonesian Group joined. The table is partly subsidized by the UNSW Law Alumni Office in Sydney. Pictures shows 10 alumni. H.E. Bill Farmer the Australian Ambassador for Indonesia, joined the crowd and spoke to UNSW Law Alumni.


March 22: Morning Tea with Professor Gregg Whittred

Jakarta,  22 March 2007, Hyatt Aryaduta Hotel.

The President of the UNSW Asia in Singapore, Professor Greg Whittred and Angela Chapman (Director for External Relations) visited Jakarta and had a morning discussion over the establishment of the UNSW Asia with three Indonesian UNSW Alumni Mr. Fredi Lim, Meutia Hafiz and Smara Dahana.


- Evening Tea with UNSW Asia -Jakarta, 22 March 2007, Inter Continental Hotel  

Picture 5 law alumni (from left): Smara, Edi, Ivan, Reinhard and Jandri.

35 indonesian UNSW alumni, inculding 6 Law alumni held an evening  reunion with the Professor Greg Whittred and Angela Chapman. The gathering was fruitful and all of the alumni had an enjoyable evening.


Jakarta, October 2006, Le Meridien,.

Located at the heart of the Jakarta Business District, this year' event held at Al-Nafoura restaurant. 7 of us shared current business and law update. Apologies are from 5 other members.


Jakarta, October 2005, Mulia Hotel.

Attended by 10 UNSW Law Alumnis, the gathering was also attended by alumni from the Sydney University. Most of the alumni graduated from year 1996 to 2003. Apologies are from other 5 alumnis.


Jakarta, December 12th, 2004, Mangkok Putih, Setiabudi One.

This is our 2nd annual gathering,  a moment conducted along with the dinner event to finish the Ramadhan fasting in the evening. Attended only by 8 persons, this 'kongkow' (the Indonesian terms for 'coffee break'), where we shared our personal update, exchange of business cards, and of the current Indonesian laws.


Jakarta October 2003, the Bogor Cafe, Borobudur Hotel. Our initial gathering was in October 2003 where 9 alumnis gathered, mostly those graduated between 1996 to 2001.




UNSW Law Alumni Activites:


Annual Gathering, March 2017. The gathering attended by 7 UNSW law alumni was held at Bebek Bali Restaurant in Epicentrum Kuningan Business District in Jl Rasuna Said Jakarta. The evening was fruitful as most of the alumni gets older but still recall their memories of good times and hard times as students. A number of bureaucrats got promoted or posted as part of their career.


Jakarta, Fairmont Hotel, October 2015: UNSW Alumni with UNSW New Dean Professor Ian Jacobs.

The luncheon with the new Dean of the University of New South Wales accompanied by UNSW International Stundent Director and UNSW Secretary are to introduce and to tighten the relationship with the alumni currently reaching class of 1960 to 2010. The luncheon are attended by 10 UNSW Alumni representing 10 faculties, including Mr. Hartarto ex Minister of Industry for two period of 1983-1993. Law Faculty representation are Mr. Smara Dahana, SH., LL.M and Mr. Chairulsaleh SH.,LLM (State Secretariat Cabinet of Indonesia, Jakarta).

[2014 - 2010]


Jakarta, October 2013: Dinner with Dr. Colin Picker and Indonesian UNSW Law Alumni

The dinner was fruitful, where Dr. Colin Picker (UNSW Law Associate Dean - International), Ms. Lydia Santoso (Australian Lawyer) and Ms Kirrilee Hughes (Deputy Director, Indonesian Affairs)  invited 8 Indonesian Alumnis (excluded of 5 apologies) to a dinner in Jakarta.

The discussion covers from work, business, traveling, family and future and to enhance the tie between Indonesian Law schools and the UNSW Faculty of Law. Dr. Colin expected some Indonesian students to take Juridical Doctor at the UNSW to broaden and combine knowledge between the two different legal system of Common Law and Continental Law in practice.



Jakarta, June 2013: Dinner with UNSW Vice Chancellor Professor Fred Hilmer

Dinner held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta was a bit close to the area with crowd of the Jakarta Festive Celebration at the National Monument. In appearance were Mr. Fredirick Hilmer' spouse, UNSW senior staff, Mr. Eddy (UNSW Civil Alumni, UNSW Alumni Chairman Indonesia) and Smara Dahana (Coordinator for UNSW LAW Alumni Indonesia).


Sydney, March 2013: Visit to UNSW Faculty of Law, Kensington Campus, Sydney.

The visit in March 2013 was initialized by a closed discussion with the Dean of the Law Faculty the University of New South Wales, Professor David Dixon and Smara Dahana at Law Campus Kingsford level 3.

The discussion then is followed by a gathering with Senior Lecturer Ms. Audrey Blunded, accompanied by the Alumni Coordinator Ms. Susie Phe and other 5 Indonesian current law students at the campus seminar room. The meeting was delightful and fruitful.

Jakarta, February 2013, UNSW Law Alumni Coffee Morning, the Pacific Place



Jakarta, November 2012 UNSW Law Alumni Coffee Morning, the Pacific Place

The coffee morning from 8 to 11:30 was attended by 5 alumni. The next 3-monthly regular coffee morning is expected to be held on February 2013.


Gathering, Opera Blanc, Pacific Place, Jakarta, September 2012

The 2012 gathering attended by 8 from 16 Jakarta members listed in the instant messaging groups. The cozy place at the Sudirman Central Business District , Opera Blanc of Pacific Place provide a good evening and dining atmosphere to make the alumnis stay and chat until late. Apologies are from other 8 member unable to attend due to business trip. Mr. Eddy of the UNSW Indonesia Alumni Chairman also attended in the early dinner. Small groups chat of 2 to 4 are frequent, but another gathering is expected to be held January 2013.



UNSW Alumni Gathering, The Mandarin Hotel, Jakarta, September 2010

The gathering attended not only by the law alumni, but also 100 graduates since the first class 1966 as represented by Hartarto, Indonesian ex-Minister of Trade  (1982-1990). The gathering was attended by Professor Frederick Hilmer AO, President and Vice-Chancellor of the UNSW and Ms Stergitsa Zamagias, Director Alumni Relations.


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