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2008 to 2004:

~ 2008 ~

[December 2008]

Malaysians still Contribute High Crime Against Humanity towards Indonesian Domestic Workers in Malaysia. According to the Indonesian Consulate Offices and Embassy in Malaysia, the data shows that most cases occurred and complained by Indonesian domestic workers by their Malaysian employers, are the unpaid salaries by the Malaysians mostly in Kuala Lumpur with 235 cases in 2008, where the figure decreased than 2007 (231) but worst in 2006 (310). In the last three years back, the statistic shows that other problems explained by the Indonesian workers are that the works are too hard, with figure of 34 complains in 2008, 87 (2007) and 97 (2006). Fraud by the employers are 33 cases (2008), 51 (2007) and 56 (2006), dismissal 10-39-22, for 3 years back respectively; no working adjustment 0-123-153, tortured by the employer 42-106-141, abandoned 8-17-14, below age trafficked 36-19-20. The new crimes in 2008 committed by Malaysians also shown as, employing them as prostitutes 22), employing them for two mistress 11.

WHO Benefit Sharing Finally Agreed. The World Health Organization (WHO) finally agrees the new mechanism, as strongly proposed by Indonesian Minister of Health replacing the old one sided affairs-mechanism called 'Global Influenza Surveillance Network' to solving bird flu under the WHO Influenza Network Mechanism. The new mechanism will share virus samples implemented under full and transparent Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA), an agreement to put the party such Indonesia parties into first priority in medicine support for free. The Agreement was made during The Intergovernmental Meeting on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness/IGM-PIP in Geneva, Switzerland, on 7-13 December 2008, which was represented by the Indonesian Minister of Health, Ms Siti Fadillah Supari. The previous mechanism applied for 40 years has put developing countries into jeopardy, where virus sample was sent to a private pharmacy company under the WHO for research and to find the cure, but then commercializing and sell them back at high price instead for humanity.

New Regulation for Foreign Pharmacy. The new regulation issued by the Minister of Health Number 1010 year 2008, are a compulsory to establish a pharmacy plant or factory in Indonesia to be categorized as Pharmacy Industry, where this Pharmacy Industry are now entitled to register drugs, drugs containing narcotics for medical use, patent drugs, be it locally manufactured or directly imported. The major goal are to protect society from drug circulation to meet qualifications, such as condition, security, quality, and benefit. Under this new regulation, foreign pharmacy who do not own a factory falls under the category as a big pharmacy seller (PBF), where they activity are limited to importing drugs from the original factory, running administration and dispensary. The regulation also refuses suggestions as proposed by group of international pharmacy corporation to change their member status form big seller into pharmacy industry, since they do not have factory in Indonesia.

[November 2008]

Indonesia won Gold medals at 7Th ASEAN Skill Competition. The two yearly-events this year, Indonesia contingent succeeded to received the most medals and award than any countries in the region. The 5 gold medals are for categories of Ladies Dress Making Category (by I Nyoman Bayu), Cabinet Making Category (Muhammad Abidin), Web Design Category (Krisna Ranggabuana), Bracklaying Category (Edi Suwiknyo), Graphic Design Category (Heri Kurniawan). Five silver medals received from Electrical Installation, Restaurant Service, Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), and Cooking Category. Meanwhile, four bronze medals received from Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), Graphic Design, IT/Software Application, and Automobile Technology category. 16 diplomas are also for Indonesia. As a form of appreciation of their achievement, the Indonesian government will provide them with give option of scholarships in Indonesia or apprenticeship in Japan for three years.

Trade Battle through Protection of Domestic Products. The Indonesian Government has tightened imports of a number of products covering from textile product (TPT), food and beverages, shoes, children toys, and electronic, which since 15 December 2008 those 5 products will be subject to Imported List, and may only be delivered through certain harbors: Tanjung Priok harbor, Tajung Mas harbor, Tanjung perak harbor, Belawan harbor and Soekarno-Hatta airport. This policy will be held for two years until December 2010. law breaker shall be subject to applicable law, be it the product or the importer of companies or individuals. The same actions are also held by the Malaysia, India, and the United States (US). The US Government has added more applicable products to be equipped with original letter (PSA) and threat countries enjoying GSP, such as Indonesia. Further, the US will also accused Indonesia for dumping to several Indonesia products, actions also taken towards China, Malaysia, Brazil, Canada and Russian. Malaysia also exercised protection through approval for duty of imported steel. Meanwhile India will applied 15% of tax for strings steel. Recently, the battle of trade is no longer inevitable. Each country protects its domestic industry from imported goods, whether through tariff barrier or by non tariff barrier.


[October 2008]

3 Indonesian Universities are the Best University in the World. The announcement was released by the Times Higher Education QS World University (THE QS World at, where in 2008 the University Indonesia (UI) ranked at number 287 followed by Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) at rank 315 and Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM) at rank 316. The achievement made by UI following its credit points meets 4 criterias from the OS World, which are research quality, teaching quality, employability graduate, and international outlook. University of Indonesia is considered strong and excellent in research quality. The indicator from this aspect is based on the perception of its respondents (peer review) in the whole world and also the amount of quotations (cilatious per faculty) from paper which are established by UI students.

ASEAN Charter Ratified. After months of long debate, the Indonesian parliament finally ratified ASEAN Charter on Wednesday, 8 October 2008, the last country in ASEAN to ratify the Charter. The signing of document on ASEAN Charter bill was represented by Minister of Foreign Affairs Hassan Wirayudha, Minister of Trade Mari Elka Pangestu, and Minister of Law and Human Rights Andi Mattalatta, representing 10 Fraction and governments in Commission I at the Parliament. However, questions remain by the parliament of the urgency of ASEAN Charter as a legal ground of ASEAN transformation into a solid organization. Also the disagreement with the voting mechanism (Article 20), a creation of a slower ASEAN and a longer in taking decision. Beside of that, the parliament also disagree with the unclear sanction of ASEAN Charter violation, and human rights body mandate which cannot be guaranteed by the Charter and its effectiveness (Article 1). However, the parliament foresee the Charter to bring benefit for Indonesia. According to Hassan Wirayudha, �ASEAN Charter ratification is a first step of ASEAN transformation to accomplish a full integration as a community in 2015�.


[September 2008]

5 Australians Charged for Trespassing. The 5 Australians will be charged for violating the Indonesian Immigration Law entering Indonesian territory without legal documents and trespassing with airplane without permit into Papua Province of Indonesia. The pilot is sentenced for 5 years imprisonment under the Law of Aircraft 15/1992 article 58 and article 13 paragraph 2, while the other 6 Australians will be sentenced each for 7 years under the Indonesian Immigration Law 9/1992 article 53 and article 6 paragraph 1 and article 9 letter a and b. In another case involving another Australian criminals,  an Australian men was caught for Carrying Drugs in Kuta beach, Bali.


[August 2008]

Poll: Foreign Investors Control Over Indonesia Economy. The poll held by Setara Institute of 800 respondents age of 17 to 22 in May 2008 shows, that 60,8 percent believe that foreign investors took control the Indonesian economy. The young generation suggested that Indonesia as a nation must take over the control as President Evo Morales of Bolivia did to his country particularly in oil mining. The poll also shows low expectation of 57 percent domestic capability to compete with foreign entrepreneurs, and of 50,7 percent did not agree privatization of potential state enterprises. 56,85 percent respondents also perceive there is an economy draw back in the last 10 years, proven by 76 percent sees development are not for the poor and 60,9 percent believe developments are not in concordance to the Indonesia Constitution in protecting main natural resources and entities for the people' prosperity. In foreign investment, however, an Indonesian economist Chatib Basri from the University of Indonesia argued, that the survey did not meet the review issued by a number of international organization, OECD, IFC, and the world bank who considered Indonesia as a close country for foreign investors due to its updated Investment Law and negative list, ranked Indonesia at 135 out of 170 in open economy index.

[July 2008]

Indonesia must Refuse WTO Agreement. The refusal are based on the exclusion G33 of developing countries represented by Indonesia as spokesman, during the WTO meeting in Geneva ending 30 July. Transparency are the keyword where developing countries must be involved during negotiation attended by G7 members Australia, Brasil, China, European Union, India, Japan and the United States. Indonesia on behalf G33 compelled 'Special Products` (SP) and `Special Safeguard Mechanism` (SSM) to be accommodated in the modality draft for agriculture to protect developing countries farmers at villages being the least protected under the WTO Agreements in Agriculture. The WTO mechanism under the scheme allows developed countries to pour big subsidies to its farmers, subsidy not allowed by developing countries. Further, the scheme of trade liberalization is also unfair where duties differs. At the end, food defense are the most vulnerable for most developing countries. However, disagreements between developed countries, existed, such as India and China vs the US and EU. France as member of the EU request EU's clarification and transparency. The WTO meeting has been delayed for 7 years already due to a number of disagreements.

Indonesia - Timor Leste Concluded on Timor 1998. The result issued by Truth and Friendship Commission (KKP) established by both countries, primarily suggested, that both government institutions are those responsible for the human rights violation during the East Timor Poll between the pro-East Timor independence versus pro Indonesia integration in September 1999. Since 11 August 2005 the KKP team members recommendations are drawn in seven chapters and one special chapter, emphasize not on legal grounds, but more on the future commitments by both countries to set up a good relationship.

Legal Note: The KKP recommendations presented in the absence of a number of foreign nationals and foreign countries, including the UN who refused to witness during the incidents of 1998, since their direct involvement are clear and published. Most Indonesian people also believe, that natural resources of minerals at the Timor Gap between Indonesia and Australia are the  main concern. The integration of East Timor into the 27th Province of the Republic of Indonesia in 1975 was not an issue until late 1980. After its independence, strong tie of culture and economy between Indonesian and Timor Leste, remain.

[June 2008]

Drug Duo Executed.  The two Nigerian nationals was executed by the Indonesian firing squad far out from Jakarta for drug trafficking caught in 2001. Both are the first drug offenders to be executed in Indonesia in four years. Other 60 drug offenders are on death row, including the two of the famous Australians Bali Nine . Other crimes committed by foreigners recently are on child pedophilia by an Australian in Jakarta, an Australian women found dead at her house in Bali suspected committed by her business partner. Australians are on top for crime committed in Indonesia, number exceed 30. Recently also, three British nationals (a journalist, a consultant and a businessmen) committed suicide in their apartments in Jakarta, last May.

[May 2008]

Indonesia Suggest the Implementation of UNCLOS 1982, remain.  This position was released from Indonesia, represented by the Indonesian Director General for Law and International Treaties of the Department of Foreign Affairs, in respond to the United Nations draft resolution to additional authority by the UN Security Council (UN SC) within the IMO authority to combat sea piracy at most archipelagic states, where territorial sea status may change into international sea,  which is in contrary to the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea 1982 (UNCLOS 1982) and United Nations Charter. The proposal will allow the UN SC warfare directly entering territorial sea without coastal state consent to combat sea pirates, where no coastal state jurisdiction applied. Indonesia suggested, that the UNCLOS 1982 shall remain, and the combat of sea piracy shall be left to the coastal state jurisdiction under the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as it used to, instead taken over by the UN SC. So far, the security over the Malacca Strait has successfully been controlled by Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, where sea piracy has been significantly reduced.

[April 2008]

Malaysian High Rank Officer involved in Illegal Logging. According to its investigation by an Indonesian  newspaper issued 9 April 2008, the said Malaysian person uses a Malaysian company Hardwood Timber SDN BHD in the process of disbursing papers to turn illegal into legal woods. The illegal woods are from Borneo, Indonesia, then exported to Malaysia through Indonesia-Malaysia borders. The Indonesian consulate officer in Kuching, Malaysia who witnessed the Malaysian importing papers, found it fake due to the use of wrong spelling of Bahasa Indonesia. However, Malaysian authority denied.

[March 2008]

Malaysian Subsidiary Company in Media Content Accused for Unfair Trade Practices. The Indonesian Fair Trade Competition - KPPU identified the Astro All Network Plc (Malaysia) - AAMN breached article 19 paragraph c of the Indonesian Competition Law. AAMN has intentionally through its business contract defined and limit distribution and trade of service and/or goods based on the initial investigation, where AAMN monopolized and took control the distribution of the said TV program during the England Football League 2007.

Indonesian Supreme Court Verdict for Australian Heroin Smuggler. Schapelle Corby, one of other member of Bali 9 appeal was accepted but the Court of 3 members of supreme judges rejected her request, where her sentence remain 20 year in jail for smuggling 9,3 kg of heroin to Bali last 2006.

[February 2008]

Indonesian Minister of Public Health� Siti Fadillah Supari� Book on Bird Flu Make US-WHO Infuriated. The 182 pages book published in Bahasa Indonesia and English version, succeeded cracking the conspiracy between Unites States administration and the WHO in developing biology weapon from bird flu virus, Avian Influenza (H5N1), a policy lasted for 50 years. The book, �It�s Time for the World to Change, Divine Hands Behind Bird Flu�, shows that after the virus spread and haunted the world, companies from develop country produce vaccines, then sold it to the market with a high price in developing countries, including Indonesia. However, no compensation, no license and business orientation raised Minister' anger, right of sovereignty and pride. She also further added, that developing countries dignity cannot be play around on the basis of Global Influenza Surveillance Network (GISN) WHO. Of her works, a London-based magazine, The Economist, has put the writer a breakthrough character which started the revolution in saving the world from bird flu effect, where Sitifadillah Supari at this time has chosen the best weapon proven useful than the best vaccines in the world in overcoming the threat of bird flu, where transparency is the keyword. Following the success of the first book, the second book is about to be released, soon. The book has also caused the WHO in Jenewa agreed to all demand from Fadillah, by agreeing sharing virus and eliminate GISN. A typical Indonesian' brave breakthrough.

Bali to Host World conference On Waste  The conference in June 23-27 is expected to bring together more than 1.000 delegates from developed and developing countries, with an agenda to address efforts in reduce exports of hazardous waste from industrialized nation to developing countries. Environment minister from 170 countries were expected for the ninth Basel convention on the control of trans-boundary movement of hazardous waste. The Basel Convention was started in 1992 and obliges signature country to ensure waste is managed and disposed of in an environmentally sound way. Parties should set adequate disposal facilities for the waste and covers toxic, poisonous, explosive, corrosive, flammable, eco-toxic and infectious waste. Some 168 countries have ratified the convention, excluding the U.S. Indonesia ratified the convention in 19. Indonesia is very vulnerable to illegal dumping of hazardous waste at 2.000 entry points along the costal zone. The Indonesian state ministry for the environment office said since 1980s Indonesia has become a dumping ground for hazardous and non-hazardous waste. It says the government has accepted request from foreign countries and companies to dump waste containing hydrocarbon. The government has also re-exported tons of hazardous waste to its origin countries, including Singapore. Japan is the biggest exporter of hazardous materials used for industry and agriculture sectors to Indonesia, sending 31 tons of waste in 2006. Indonesia yields about 7 million tons of hazardous waste per year- one quarter of which remains untreated. The country currently has one facility for the treatment of hazardous waste in Bogor, with a capacity of 100.000 tons. Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar would be the new president of the conference of the Parties (COP) of the Basel Convention for the 2008-2010 period.

~ 2007 ~

[October 2007]

World Food Day, 16 October 2007. The event reminds Indonesians that since 1998, following the 1994 WTO trade liberalization, Indonesia turn to be a net importer of foods as a result of import surges, such as beef (85% import surge in 2000), rice (84% in 1998), corn (72% in 2000), and sugar (50% in 1999) and chicken (121% import surge in 1999). The volume of import for 10 food products in 1996-2005 shows significant increase reaching USD 1.6 billion, annually. These are as a result of agricultural subsidies by developed countries to its farmer, such as 80% by OECD, protection at 34% by the European Union, South Korea (73%), Norway (66%), Japan (64%). Protection and subsidies are the keywords for developed countries to maintain transnational companies - TNC control over the world's food supply. Products protected varied from rice (5.43), sugar (2.04) and milk (1.85). It means, the price are dumped, an unfair trade practices under the WTO rules. TNCs took control of 16 food products around the world, a limited type of wheat, rice, corn and nuts, instead of maintaining other foods grows in a number of developing countries.

Indonesia Awarded Democracy Medal by the International Association of Political Consultant - IAPC. The award decided by the IAPC was on the basis that Indonesia' success in establishing democracy values recently, during the 2004 General Election in particular, where election was successfully held in peace. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on behalf of the people of Indonesian will receive the award during the 40 IAPC World Conference in Nusa Dua, Bali, 12-14 November 2007. Two years ago, the IAPC Democracy Medal were awarded to the President of Republic of Ukraine and President of the Republic of Checz.

[November 2012]

Indonesia to Support Regulation on the Impact of Cross Border-Oil Spill. The initiative is based on Indonesia's experience from handling risks taker of oil spill causing sea accidents and environment deterioration, which spills from the adjacent sea borders. The initiative was addressed by the Indonesian delegates during the 2nd international conference in Bali attended by 12 other countries. The supporting issues are of responsibility over oil spill and environment impact as result from off shores-ridge oil exploration and exploitation. The conference result will be brought to the upcoming International Committee of Maritime Law in January 2013.

[September 2007]

The Indonesian Supreme Court Final Appeal Ruled Time Incorporated and 6 journalist and correspondents to pay Tort for Defamation. The final appeal rulings by the Indonesian Supreme Court number 3215/pdt/2001 publicly announced by the judge panels of three, where Time Incorporated and 6 journalists and correspondents remain wrong for defamation against the goodfaith of Soeharto, the former President of the Republic of Indonesia. Time chairman Donald Morisson and other 6 journalists is fined of Rp1 trillion (USD 9,9 billion) altogether, and must express in writing an apology at national and international circulation media for its misleading and defamation publication edition on 24 May 1999 volume 153 number 20. Time exposed the wealth of Soeharto and family of USD 15 billion, title 'How Indonesia's Longtime Boss Built a Family Fortune', presented by 4 of Time Inc. journalists John Colmey, David Liebhold, Lisa Rose Weaver, and 2 Indonesian correspondents Zamira Lubis and Jason Tedjakesuma. This ruling turns out the previous two lower court rulings, where the Supreme court make an approach of tort for defamation under civil code as requested by Soeharto's lawyer, instead of other articles of the civil code or the law on press and freedom speech, which the defendant legally assumed. The basis for court rulings are on "the act against the law through improper, insufficient and wrongful publication".

Indonesia and Russia Concluded Set of Mutual Cooperation Agreements. The 8 sectors of cooperation in sport, energy, mining (USD 4 billion), infrastructure, telecommunication, aviation and defense are expected soon to increase Russia' investment from USD 600 million to USD 1 billion. Indonesia has become a potential country in the region to develop war crafts since the availability of technologies and human resources since 1980, such as PT INTI (telecommunication), PT PAL (shipyard, PT PINDAD (war devices and machines) and PT Nurtanio (aircraft). The signing by both Presidents took place in Jakarta during the official state visit of the President of the Federation of Russia Vladimir Putin, early this month.

[August 2007]

Malaysian Prime Minister, Malaysian Chief Police and Malaysian Ambassador, Officially Apologize. Following high tension, strong protest and boycotts from Indonesians, the three high rank officers from Malaysia apologized in writing and orally to the Indonesian President, people of Indonesia and directly to the Indonesian victim abused by Malaysian police.

Note: Only after its very recent prosperity of 25 million population after 50 years of independence, Malaysians are drawn to be overconfident. Malaysia' income per capita reached USD 12,000 in 2005, three times than Indonesia with 1/9 population (Indonesia: 227 millions), where oil is the only source. To some Indonesians, Malaysian recent attitude is understand-able, to allow Malaysians enjoying their very first prosperity and free from Indonesia' political influences. Indonesia took lead in ASEAN region in politics and security and growth since 1960' until year 1997, where Indonesia enjoyed growth since 1970 marked with the operation of Palapa satellite communication in 1976, national construction of fly over and toll roads since 1977, national cars in 1978, national civil airplane-ships-railways/trains-electronics and war devices and machines crafts manufacturing in 1980, and other tremendous developments, where most Indonesian top of 5 state universities are full with Malaysians studying engineering, medicine, politics, and culture. Until now, Malaysia still employed a big numbers of Indonesian to give lectures, involved in infrastructure engineering and other social developments in Malaysia.

Again, an Indonesian Referee seriously injured by 4 Malaysian Policemen. The referee Donald Luther Peter Kolobita, was injured after being violated by 4 Malaysian Policemen during the Asian Karate Competition in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.  Malaysia denied and refused to apologize. A number of previous violation against humanity by other Malaysians, also never been resolved. The incident increased tension the between both countries.

Note: In its 50 anniversary, Malaysia is awarded for top list for human trafficking and abuses by the US Secretary Office. Its independence, merely a gift by the British Imperium, was celebrated in the absence of a number of Indonesian high rank officials who refused to attend the invitation. Malaysia, gain its confidence under the Commonwealth, also reach its economic and politic stability and growth, despite the non-existence of freedom of speech, racial tensions, controlled judicial bodies, virtual democracy and corruption and nepotism by the member of Royal families and the bureaucrats, a worn-out lesson which was adopted by Malaysians from Indonesia' past New Order era of 32 years. During those years of 1970-2000, a big number of Malaysian students and bureaucrats  studied medicine, engineering, politics and culture in Indonesia. Historically, Malaysia was part of the imperium of Indonesian kingdoms in year 900 to 1800, where most of Indonesian root (from Java) now still existed forming the  majority population in Johor and Selangor, the most growing and prosperous states in Malaysia.

4.981 islands in Indonesia, reported to the United Nations. The said verified islands at 14 provinces has now its names, where other 8.742 island will follow in the next 2 years. The gigantic project conducted by the Rupabumi National Team of Standard Name, will convey the report during the Meeting of the UN Converence on Standardization of Geographical Names in New York this month. Indonesia has reported its initial number of island the UN, which are of 17.508 islands at 33 provinces in Indonesia.

[July 2007]

Public Officer must Increase Comprehension on Human Rigths. The release by Minister of Law and Human Rights research shows, that the Indonesian public officers need to improve the comprehension on Human rights, those in particular deals with the implementation of people' rights in civil, social, politics and economy. Indonesia has established 426 National Action on Human Rights plan all over Indonesia during 2004-2009, where 423 government officers has been trained for human rights in Australia, Sweden, Norway, Canada, South Africa and France. Unfortunately, still a big numbers, policemen in particular, has no knowledge in human rights. This is respond to strong public criticism on the conduct of the arrest a number of persons. Recent research shows that, police institution are those on the lowest rank in passing grade among other government institutions.  As a result, a big number of policemen stands for criminal trials and imprisoned under the civil law for unprofessional conduct and abuses.

[June 2007]

Indonesia - Japan Finalized Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). The Discussion Record was signed in Tokyo on 22 June 2007, official agreement is expected to be signed in August by both Presidents. Indonesia will play the role for production centre not only for Japan market, but also the region through establishment of Manufacturing Industrial Development Center for the component manufacturing for automotive, electronic and engines to meet Japan' standards. Zero percent tariffs applied to 91% of Indonesian export to Japan, where in turn Indonesia reduce them at 30%. In labor issues, internship of 3-4 years in Japan will be open for hospitality industries. The trade between Japan-Indonesia in 2006 reached USD 12,2 billion for oil & gas to Japan, where in turn USD5,4 billion for non-oil and gas to Indonesia.

Malaysia come to Agree on Migrant Workers new Employment Terms. Following strong international critism and its reputation for Human Trafficking and Violation, Malaysian officials come to Jakarta to agree Indonesia's new terms to protect better Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia. Indonesian embassy in Kuala Lumpur has now a number of lawyers to increase their legal position in anticipating common abuses by Malaysian employers. Recently, a phenomenal picture in a number of international newspapers shows an Indonesian domestic workers in Malaysia, Ceriyati, stucked at the outside at level 12 building apartment for attempt to escape after receiving several physical abuses by the employer, Ivone Siew, a mistress. Ceriyati was compelled to work 20 hours a day, one day feed and unpaid for 4 months. Ivone Siew and husband, now faces criminal charges. Last April, also two Indonesian domestic workers in Long Island , New York, the US, escaped for the same reasons. They were employed by an American family, Varsha Mahender Sabhani and Mahender Murlidhar Sabhnani for two years, compelled to work for 21 hours a day, unpaid, and abused. The couple now facing serious criminal charges.

Malaysia on top of the list for Human Trafficking and Abuse. The release by the US Secretary Office is based on the worst protection by Malaysia as a host state against migrant workers, where sanction may be imposed towards the Malaysian government. Recently, migrant workers from Bangladesh and Indonesia were found dead caused by violation and abusive treatment by the employers. Malaysians are also repute for not paying migrant workers for months. Big numbers of migrant workers were also arrested without trial and their personal belongings seized by RELA, a controversial Malaysian anti-migrant organization with 500.000 volunteers. Cases causing death of migrant workers involving member of the Malaysian Royal family never been resolved. Malaysian authorities declined the facts. According to the report, other 16 countries on the list includes Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

Timor Leste President visited Indonesia. Ramos Horta, the direct-elected president meets President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Jakarta, expects to increase economy relation since Indonesia are the main importer into Timor Leste market, through reducing border problems between two countries. Ramos Horta also planning to establish Bahasa Indonesia Faculty in Timor Leste, where Bahasa Indonesia serve as one of the official language in Timor Leste.

[May 2007]

Indonesia Gained 185 Votes from 190 UN Members in the UN HUman Rigths Council (UN HRC). The votes are to support Indonesia's second term membership in the UN HRC. The other 14 countries are India, the Philippines, Qatar, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Egypt, Angola, South Africa, Madagascar, the Netherland, and Slovenia, will serve for the period of 2007-2010, starting 20 June 2007.

 Indonesia - Singapore Concluded the Extradition Agreement. The signing of agreement took place in Bali, Indonesia, 27 April 2007, covers 31 models of crimes, mostly crime in economy, including extradition of corruptors and the return of its assets in Singapore. The agreement applies retroactivity principles for 15 years (or since 1992), and Indonesian nationality principle when the crime occurred. Singapore (was called 'Temasek' in the past, a place where pirates hid) has the international reputation for 'the heaven for corruptors and bank criminals' and money laundering, mostly from Indonesia, by Indonesian bureaucrats and Indonesian Chinese businessmen/bankers (see: Andy Xie). The agreement however, still requires national legislation by the signing parties, according to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969. 

[April 2007]

54 Indonesians Facing Death Penalty in Malaysia. According to the report from the deputy of Human Rights Working Group (HRWG), 16 of them are Indonesian migrant workers and the remaining are refugees from Aceh during past conflicting time. HRWG asked the United Nations to assist them during trial process in Malaysia, since most workers facing criminal because of unjust treatment from their Malaysian employers, such as unpaid salary for 6 months, abuse and inhuman treatment.

Indonesian Law Student Won the First Rank of Phillip Jessup International Moot Court Competition. Held by the International Student's Association of the American International Law Community in Washington, USA, the said Indonesian woman of 20 years old law student from the Faculty of Law the University of Indonesia, won the first rank for oralist among other 290 contestants from 95 law schools all over the world. In 2004, again Indonesian law student won for team category. The moot court competition is a simulation court of the International Court of Justice. In Indonesia, most public or state universities entry competition are very tight, with seat to competitors ratio varied at 1: 20 to 1:500.

Indonesia-Timor Leste held a Committee on Truth and Peace meeting (KKP). Hearing will be attended by witnesses by the Indonesian ex Foreign Minister Ali Alatas and Indonesia Ambassador for Portugal Fransisco Lopez da Cruz. Other 18 persons will follow, including ex Indonesian Presiden BJ Habibie, Carlos Felipe Belo. and Eurico Guterres. Timor Leste sees Indonesia as the most important neighbor, since Timor Leste' domestic politics and economy remain suffered after the referendum in 1999. Some people of Timor Leste perceived economy and politics are far better prior to the referendum, and the Australian involvement did not help much instead of Timor Gap Agreement which is unfair and far from the end. KKP was established by President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and President of Timor Leste Xanana Gosmao in 11 August 2005, has its agenda on 5 meetings and hearings to unveil the final truth and to strengthen peace between two countries. The first was held in Denpasar 19-20 February 2007, and second on 26-30 March 2007 in Jakarta. The following meeting is planned on April, May and June 2007.

Bill of Human Trafficking Extermination, Passed the House. The tougher law imposed Rp 20 millions to Rp5 billions fines and 3 years to life sentence for various trafficking, and triple sentences by corporate crime. Parties  or labor agents involved will receive additional 1/3 punishment. A number of Indonesians and foreigners indicated committed are identified for human trafficking, including modern form of slavery. According to UNICEF, at least 100.000 Indonesian woman and children are trafficked abroad, annually. The law is part of the Indonesia' commitment to the United Nations Palermo Convention 2001.

PM Australia John Howard Officially Apologize for Shooting Indonesian Fishermans. The shooting incidents early this year by the Australian Coast Guard toward a number Indonesian Fisherman and burning down their ships at the adjacent waters, are now clear that the Indonesian fishermen are still at the Indonesian waters. Australia officially apologize and will recover the loss, and assure the incident will not repeat.

[March 2007]

Malaysian Foreign Minister Addressed Official Apology for Trespassing. The trespassing by Malaysian Naval?Coast Guards early this March are uncontrollable, in which violates the Indonesian territory at the Ambalat Block Oil Reserve. The Malaysian Foreign Minister addressed the official apology to the Indonesian Foreign Minister during a meeting in Jakarta, recently. The Indonesian Navy seriously may take further actions under the UNCLOS (Law of the Sea 1982) of attacking foreign ships in the waters if so refused to leave.

Indonesians Released at the Malaysian Immigration Office. Thank to the Indonesian embassy officers based on a Norwegian gentlemen report, the 12 Indonesian released after being arrested 10 days for immigration violation. However, the Malaysian authority refused to make legal action towards the labor exploitation and abuses by the Malaysian employer of a hotel services. The same also happen towards a member of the Malay Royal family for causing injury to an Indonesian domestic labor, last year.

Indonesia need to Protect more the Ambalat Block Oil Reserve. This is a request by the Indonesian House of Representative to the Indonesian Military Forces with regard to a number of trespassing by the Malaysian coast guards to the Ambalat Area Oil Reserve of Indonesia, recently. The Malaysian Coast Guards then were forced to leave the area by the Indonesian Marine Force. A number of Sea Warcraft has been located in the area,  that is KRI Sutanto, KRI Multatuli, KRI Untung Surapati and KRI Badik..Malaysia in 2004 attempted to claim the said area, but convincing evidence and legal proof can not be brought during the meeting of both countries. A same incident also occurred by the trespassing of two military aircraft of Singapore. Geo-Politically, Indonesia is surrounded by the Commonwealth countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Papua New Guinea and Australia. Indonesia is the only country in the region where the Allies failed to take control over Indonesia in 1945 and 1949 after its independence from the Dutch Colony in August 1945.

Indonesia Chaired the G-33 Meeting. The meeting on 21 March 2007 participated by 25 ministers and 28 member countries, with  agenda to reinforce the bargaining position of G-33 at the next WTO Meeting in April 2007, following Mini MInstrial meeting at Davos in January 2007. Members also aimed at finalizing the Doha Development Agenda' discussion.

[January 2007]

The Government of Indonesia dismissed the CGI donor group (Consultative Group on Indonesia). The group consist of a number of developed countries to provide financial support was established in 1992. In turn, through tough terms and conditions, CGI had the authority in setting up economy and financial policy for Indonesia. The dismissal of CGI are based on the set of failure by CGI's advices implementation in economy and financial, particularly in settling Indonesian government debt in 2000-2002.

~ 2006 ~

[November 2006]

Indonesia Plan to Extend its Continental Shelf. The extension from 200 sea miles to 350 sea miles from the coastline, is based on the proven of natural prolongation. Indonesia, as a archipelagic country under the UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982, is entitled to propose it until 2009 to the CCIS - Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf), an organ of the UN. Three proposed areas are west of Aceh, south of NTT and north of Papua. The significant benefit of such extensions, are the right to explore economical rights. The Continental Shelf concept was introduced and accepted in the UNCLOS 1982 supported by archipelagic countries such as the United States, Chile and Indonesia, where territorial sea may be extended.

US-ASEAN to Cooperate in 8 Sectors in 2007. The Cooperation also pivoting 30 years of relations between both, a subsequent of plan action to implement Enhanced Partnership 2007-2011. 8 major sector will soon be implemented, such as good governance, combating corruption, IPR, SME's,  reducing HIV/other diseases, and cooperation in IT, communication, technology, energy, disaster management and environmental management.

Bill on Anti Human Trafficking, soon released. The said law of 207 articles will still need other 113 articles to be approved by the parliament, expecting completion end this year. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Woman Empowerment, there are 480.000 illegal Indonesian workers are recruited abroad that leads to human trafficking. The bill will also prevent Indonesian workers from abuse, based on the experiences of abuses by employers from Singapore and Malaysia. The government now has also set out more liabilities and responsibilities towards Indonesian and foreign labor agents.

Indonesia become the member of UN ECOSOC. The said membership of the UN' organ, the Economic and Social Council, is for the 2 years term, supported by 184 out of 192 member during the United Nations' General Assembly meeting 2 November 2006.   Indonesia represent Asia region together with the Philippines, Iraq and Kazakhstan.

[October 2006]

Indonesia elected to serve as Non-Permanent Members of the Security Council of the United Nations. The said election was supported by 158 out of 192 members of the General Assembly of the United Nations, where Indonesia represent from the Asia continent for the term of 1 January 2007 through 31 December 2008. Other countries elected are Belgium, Italy and South Africa.

Malaysia Coast Guard shot 2 Indonesian Fisherman. The incident is however, occurred in the Indonesian waters where the two fisherman were. Under the UN Convention Law of the Sea 1982, the presence of the said fishermen and fishing is considered legal. Lately, the Malaysian government admit and apologize their actions.

The Indonesian Government Settled its Debt to IMF. The USD 4 billion debt was paid in full, covering also the interest. In comparison to other foreign loans, IMF' loan was known with full of terms related to politics rather than to improve economic development.

[September 2006]

Indonesia Urge the World Bank to Disclose Corruptors Accounts. This is addressed by the Indonesian Finance Minister, Ms. Sri Mulyani, during the World Bank - IMF meeting held in Singapore attended by 184 member of Governor of Central Banks. The World Bank assistance and transparency of bank accounts will help the Indonesia program to combat corruption held cross borders. She also urged the front line of the World Bank to adopt an internal reform and to eliminate corruption as Indonesia did, and strongly suggest not to make further advise for Indonesia financial reform. The latter was based on the past experiences during economy crisis in 1998, where the IMF' staffs advises was proven unjustified and has proven to be wrong. The Indonesian Minister of Finance was awarded to be the 'Minister of Finance of the Year 2006' by the Economist magazine.

4 Indonesian Law Students Won the Foreign Minister's Award. The moot court competition was the International Moot Court Asia Cup 2006 held in Hong Kong, where the they were awarded the Best Team, the Best Speaker, and Third Position for the Plea Substance. The said 4 Indonesian law students from the University of Indonesia, defeated law students from the University of Hong Kong, Kyoto University (Japan), Malaya University (Malaysia), Ateneo de Manila University (the Philippines), National University of Singapore, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand). Also in the period of 2005-2006, there are 18 Indonesian students won a number of gold medals at various international science and physics olympiad competitions, including the prestigious award of One Step to Noble, where Indonesian represent the most from the ASEAN region.

Singapore and Indonesia on the Definition of Corruption. Under the Indonesian laws, corruption defined as an act(s) against the law, act(s) to enrich the one who committed to - including others, including business entity(s), that such acts result to state and/or public financial loss. Bribery and business fraud by individuals and entities is therefore, also covered. Under this definition, Indonesia applied a more progressive definition of corruption than Singapore', where in Singapore corruption covers only of bribery in its sense. This is the result of a meeting of both governments in settlement of money laundering. Singapore is popular known as a country, where many fugitives of bank criminals, corruptors, illegal lodgers and smugglers from Indonesia, stay and live for the past 8 years.

8 Australians Sentenced to Death. The ruling issued by the highest court authority of Indonesia, the Mahkamah Agung, in respond to their appeals for committing of trafficking of 8,900 kg illegal drugs into Indonesia through Bali Island, early last year. Another Australian is also committed for pedophilia, and recently 3 Australian press extradited for visa misuse in a conflicting area, where they were suspected for provocation and agitation.

RI -Malaysia talks over Movement of People. Malaysia now employed many Indonesian workers, from domestic and construction workers to university lecturers, due to Malaysia's progressive development and Malaysia's lack of qualified Malaysian human resources. Indonesia warns Malaysia to protect them better. Up to now there are 1,75 millions Indonesian legal workers, where 2,5 percent are Indonesian intellectuals.

Indonesian ex-Consul General in Penang (Malaysia) sentenced for 3 years Imprisonment. The said person during duty in Malaysia, was committed abused his consular authority for discrimination and corrupted levies to Indonesian Migrant Workers, which has caused state financial loss of USD 3,2 million. Another case in corruption also has brought the Indonesian anti corruption court sentencing from 4, 7 and 12 years to three officials from the General Election Committee.   Another Indonesian fugitive for illegal lodging was also arrested in Beijing, recently. He was rearrested for an attempt to escape. However other 50 suspects are now on the list, where most stayed in Beijing, China.

[August 2006]

Private and Business Entity are Subject to Corruption Charges of article 21 UN Convention. This is a new issue to be applied in the revised Indonesian anti corruption law to conform with the article 21 of the UN Convention Against Corruption (UN CAC). The UN CAC stipulates, that corruption charges do apply not only to public officers but also to any parties involved in corruption, directly and indirectly, including private entities. The punishment will cover criminal code and private law.

[May 2006]

Zero Sea Piracy at Malacca Strait. According to the International Maritime Bureau, no more sea piracy at Malacca Strait  thank to the effective monitoring by the Indonesian Marine Forces. Most pirates start from Gelasa Strait at northern Sumatera, moving towards South China Sea, a report said. Historically until the 90�s, the pirates hid and stay at Temasek, where Singapore is now. Malacca Strait is the busiest passage lane of 50.000 ships loaded with half of world oil and one third world trade and goods.

[April 2006]

Intellectual Property Rights Ratifications. The Government of Indonesia had ratified a number of international conventions since 1995, such as the Paris Convention for Protection of Industrial Property, Paten Cooperation Treaty (PCT), Trademark Law Treaty, Berne Convention, WIPO Copyright Treaty and WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty. These had been adopted into national laws, such as the Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyrights Law, Trade Secrets Law, Industrial Design Law, Integrated Circuit Design Law and Plant Variety Law. All are based on the WTO TRIPs, ratified under Law no. 7 year 1994.

[February 2006]

Claim of Territory. Malaysia claimed the Gosong Island of 1410 sq mile, as part of their territory. However, Malaysia claim has no legal ground, where claim is in contrary to the map Westkust Kalimantan Blad 1 issued in 1905, which island belongs to Indonesia. Previously, Malaysia formally withdrawn their claim of the Ambalat block in 2005 since no legal ground existed. Malaysia�s claim once ruled by the ICJ over Sipadan Ligitan in 2003.

Indonesian Fugitive arrested in LA, the US. The fugitive since 2002 David Nusa Widjaja a.k.a Ng Tjuan Wei, was arrested by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officers and an Indonesian police officer in Los Angeles, then directly sent to and imprisoned in Indonesia. He is one of other 12 bank criminals ruled by the Indonesian High Court for a number of bank crime actions of USD 1,29 billion during the banking crisis in 1997.  This is part of other 12 bank fugitives already ruled for the same crimes of total USD 130 billion. The Indonesian government announced them to voluntarily return or the police will take the same actions, since their full detail of presence and business abroad, mostly in Singapore, identified.

~ 2005 ~

 [December 2005]

Violance towards Human Rights Activist, increased. According to an Indonesian human right watch activist institute, 125 out of 152 violance cases in 2004 mostly were by the police against student activists, compared to 30 cases in 2003.

 [November 2005]

Draft of Law of Intelligence under Talks. The law mainly aims as a legal basis for the Indonesian secret agents operation and counter-terrorism. The law will allow not only the police, but also the Indonesian government agents to arrest a terrorism suspect for 3x24 hours, anyone residing within the territory of Indonesia.

[October 2005]

Government of Indonesia ratified two international covenants. The two covenants are  'the civil and political rights' and 'the economic, social and culture'. Indonesia joint them as the 155 and 152 member, respectively. The Phillipines, Thailand and Vietnam are the only other member in the ASEAN region.

Chinese sailor shot at Arafuru Sea. The Sailor was shot by the Indonesian Navy, which ship and sailors was found on the Indonesian waters of Arafuru Sea suspected for fishing. The action raised a protest from the PRC Government but the Indonesian Navy claimed they have followed a hot pursuit procedure under the UNCLOS III 1982.


[September 2005]

Malacca Strait Security Task Forces. Indonesian government and Malaysian government refused Singapore's proposal to privatize the security issues within the area of Mallaca Straits. Currently, the said security in the area are held by the adjacent coastal countries.

Oil Smuggling. 58 oil smugglers were arrested, 5 foreigners from Singapore, Korea, PRC, including 18 staffs of Indonesian state owned enterprise, Pertamina. They smuggled the subsidized oil directly from Indonesia's oil wells in Borneo to the adjacent countries. 7 Pertamina officers already dismissed and now under police investigation.


[August 2005]

Signing of Peace Agreement between GAM and the Republic of Indonesia. The signing took place in Helsinki, Finland in August 15, 2005. The basic principal is, that GAM (the Free Aceh Movement) acknowledge them as part of the Republic of Indonesia. In turn, Indonesia will grant more access in law and justice, politics and economy for Aceh Province and will open access to ex GAM 3000 members to reintegrate with the majority of the Aceh community. GAM movement was since 1976 and caused security instability in Aceh'.

Committee on Truth and Reconsiliation. This committee was established under the initiative of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and President Xanana Gusmao, to take effect of the previous initial agreement on December 14 2004. This committee will respond on human rights violation in East Timor after referendum of 1998 instead to bring the case to court.

Drugs Trafficking. Again, another 25 yrs old Australian woman from Adelaide, was caught by the Indonesia police in Bali at the premise of Garuda Wisnu Kencana pond for bringing illegal drugs. She follows other 12 Australians earlier arrested for the same case in Bali.


[June 2005]

Indonesia and Australia will come to prisoner exchange agreement. The agreement is also for benefit of Indonesia, which in fact there are a number of Indonesians abroad are imprisoned for drug trafficking in France, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Argentine. Prisoner exchanged shall be those who had been ruled by the local courts. This Prisoner Exchange Agreement with Australia is with regard to the recent case of an Australian women caught and sentenced 20 years in prison for drug trafficking in Denpasar, Bali, including other 8 Australians under investigation for the same case.


[May 2005]

Indonesian Traditional Fishermen imprisoned in Australia. According to Fisheries and Marine Resources Department of the Republic of Indonesia, since 1995 at least 3,900 Indonesian traditional fishermen arrested, some imprisoned and one is found dead, including 27 traditional ships burned down (since mid April 2005), by the Australian Coast Guard, disobeying the initial procedure of 'Hot Pursuit' under UNCLOS III 1982. International Law of the Sea allows traditional fishermen to catch fishes at any waters, according to an activist of West Timor Care Foundation, who published the evidence of the incidents. Australia claimed its territorial waters up to 20 miles from the coastline. UNCLOS III 1982 stipulates 12 miles.

Indonesia and Singapore Agree over Hazardous Waste. Indonesia and Singapore has come into agreement in Geneva over hazardous waste with regard to the Basel Convention, to re-export them back to Singapore. The said 1,149 tons in 1,762 jumbo bags confirmed by international scientist, containing radioactive was silently entering the Galang Island (part of Batam Island), Indonesia in July 2004.


[April 2005]

Law of the Sea. The Malaysian delegation for negotiation on Ambalat block, during the meeting with the Indonesia delegation in Denpasar Bali, admitted that Indonesia has stronger legal position under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) III 1982 for the ownership of Ambalat XYZ Block oil reserve, located near the adjacent countries Indonesia and Malaysia. Indonesia has built lighthouse at the premises and the Indonesian marine troops remains around the premises. Previously in March 2005, Malaysia claimed XYZ Ambalat Block of gas and oil reserve as part of their territory under the Malaysian Map 1997. The Block is legally part of the territory of Indonesia under the UNCLOS III 1982. Only archipelagic state (e.q. Indonesia, Chile, the US) may take particular sea base line under the UNCLOS III 1982.


[March 2005]

Maritime Piracy. Some ships crossing the Mallaca Strait were pirated. The adjacent countries, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, soon take action to secure the area. Two alleged ships has been identified and confirmed registered in Malaysia.

Labor. Some Indonesian and European NGO will bring a case to the ILO and ICJ for a Human Rights violation against Malaysian construction employers and Malaysian Government for not paying thousands of Indonesian construction workers who had not been paid for works they have done for months. Malaysia will replace Indonesian workers from Bangladesh and Vietnam. Other nearly one thousand Indonesians working in Malaysia as lecturers for Malaysian Universities, scientists, technicians, analysts, and medical doctors, remain.

Illegal Lodging. Indonesia has caught some 16 criminal illegal lodgers stealing Indonesian wood forests in Kalimantan and Papua. Woods are exported to Singapore, China and Europe. 15 of them are non-Indonesian or foreign nationals, including 3 Malaysians.


[February 2005]

Extradition Law. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Singapore PM held talks over extradition for 12 Indonesians bank owners ruled as criminals by the Indonesian court who are now residing in Singapore, who stole the Indonesian government loan liquidity at 112 trillion Rupiah (USD 12,07 billion) during the crisis 1998. The trend is positive, the next signing of agreement is planned in March 2005. Some Indonesian bank criminals also stay in Australia.


[January 2005]

Foreign Lawyers. New RI-MLHR regulation issued on the requirement of the use of foreign lawyers in Indonesia, which requires recommendation from Indonesian Advocate Organization, prove of individual Indonesian tax file number (NPWP), obligation to teach law for 10 hours per month within 12 months, limited to deliver legal services of foreign laws (other than Indonesian laws) or international laws, and will only act as an expert or staff in an Indonesian Law Firm.

Monsanto Case. the Indonesian Committee to Exterminate Corruption (KPK) is now evaluating and will take serious action based on a report from the United States Department of Justice (US DOJ) for the report of bribery by US based Monsanto Company through the subsidiary company  PT Monagro Kimia, who bribed 140 Indonesian public high officials at least USD 700,000 during  1997-2002. The public officials are subject to law PP number 30/1980. The US DOJ based on the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act fined Monagro  Company at the amount of USD 1,5 million payable to the Indonesian Capital Market Supervisory Board (BAPEPAM) and US DOJ. (Kompas)

Buyat Case. The Indonesian government is preparing to file civil and criminal case  against PT Newmont Minahasa Raya for environmental degradation in North Sulawesi, through poisonous material disbursement to Buyat  Bay. Some foreign nationals of the board of the company are arrested and are subject to criminal charges.


~ 2004 ~

[November 2004]

Extradition and Sea Territorial Demarcation. Indonesia and Singapore talks over on sensitive issues between two neighboring countries on adjacent sea territorial lines, extradition, mining and lifting ban on sea sand exports. Talks held in Jakarta, 8 November 2004. A Joint Cooperation Council will be established to further discuss the issue. This the second visit of PM Lee Hsien Loong to Indonesia after the inauguration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in October 2004.

Territorial Demarcation. The Government of Indonesia shall set up new laws on Territorial Demar-cation between the adjacent countries, according to the Lemhanas Governor (Council of State Defense). This law is to avoid from past case of loosing two islands of Sipadan and Ligitan which case won by Malaysia in 2002, based on the ICJ rulings. Currently, the applicable law is Space Arrangement Law 24 year 1992 and other Government Regulations which is deemed less accommodated and less updated.




 Indonesia Law Update:


2014 to 2009

~ 2014 ~

Indonesian Navy to Shrunk Foreign Illegal Boats in the Indonesian Waters. The adminsitrative order came directly from the President of the Republic of Indonesia towards the Indonesian Minister of Sea and Fisheries and the Indonesian Navy Force to continue to seek then sink illegal fishing ships and boats within the Indonesian waters subject to the law 47 year 2009. The Indonesian Chief Army admitted such sinking boats has long been practiced, but never been published.  However, sinking foreign ships law enforcement might be a diplomatic issue between Indonesia and the neighbouring countries, but the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs assured that no problem may rise according to these common practices by coastal countries member of the UNCLOS 1982. Sinking foreign illegal ships has long been acknowlredged and practised between states, so far the law is upholded.

[August 2014]

Indonesian President Annual Speech 2014. The speech was addressed before the Indonesian Parliament members, marked President Dr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's 10 years in the administration. The speech gained applauses for Indonesia's great achievement in democracy, economy, law enforcement, equal economy growth, education, health, foreign relation and Indonesia Diaspora.In democracy, Indonesia marked a significant smooth transition of democracy since 1998 reformation by a peaceful and order presidential 4 elections within the last 15 years. It also marked great historical events of hundred of elections for all level of executive and legislative, namely the governor and parliament elections at 33 provinces, and hundred majors of elections at the municipalities/districts level. In law enforcement, the President is still consistent as his position 10 years ago, of the equality before the law, and no one is law-proof during his administration. Within 10 years period 2004-2014 the President admittd he has signed his administrative approvaIs for corruption investigation by KPK for involvement of 277 officers at the central and local, executive or legislative and judicative, including a number of his ministers. The 277 figure is only for those being investigated by the KPK - the Indonesian Anti Corruption Committee, and do not include investigation held by the police and the office of the General Attorneys. In order to combat bribery and court mafia, 2009 - 2011 he also established Anti Law-mafia Special Taskforce. In 2011 a new bill no  16/2011 was released, Law on Legal Aid providing free legal aid by private lawyers for less fortunate citizen in court. On economy and growth, this is another great achievement he added, where the Indonesian domestic national economy growth has been maintained at 5.9% during 2009-2013, far beyond the growth in the US, Europe and Japan during the same period. In 2014 there is a decrease to 5.2%, but anyhow remain the highest between the G-20 members after China. This figure is surprising recalling other countries growth decreased significantly,or even plunged. Indonesia' foreign debt is also far secure than before, whereas during crisis in1998 the figure of domestic brlet was 85%, how the figure is 23%. Indonesia also paid in full its debt to IMF in mid 2009, 4 years earlier than the schedule. In turn, IMF receive advices from Indonesian economists on economy reformation. Indonesia also recorded the lowest 0.7% fund by other countries, a statement of Indonesia' economy independent. In budgeting , Rp 1.842,5 trillion (equal to USD l,800 billion) is allocated, the highest in the Indonesian history, whereas national currency reserve hit USD110,5 million, once hit USD 124,6 million, also the highest in history. Trade volume also marked the highest in history: USD 400 million. Indonesia income per capita how is USD 3,500 as to compare to USD1,000 in 2004. The President also reminded that such achievements are blessings to all Indonesian during the world economy crisis. As a result of great achievementin economy, now Indonesia sit in the prestigious G-20 member , a major forum of stales to discuss world economy. Indonesia is part of the world solution. On poverty, the figure of the poor has significantly decreased for the last one decade. The worst was in 2005 as a result of the hike price of world oil prices. the figure increased, but the last 5 years the government has lowered 4.5 million people. In 2009 the number however is still 11% or equal to 32 million people living below the poverty line, but then in 2014 the figure decreased to 11% or equal 28 million people. Such figure however is still unfavorable to day, where the government keep working hard to reduce it to zero. However, the success of national development may not merely rely on poverty , but also the growth of middle class. On education. Since the court order of the Indonesian Constitution Court in 2010 on the compulsory to immediately spend 20% national annual budget on education only, the SBY administration has move on to settle access for the poor and increase the education quality. The Bidikmisi, a program for the Intelligent poor students, successfully enjoyed by the 220.000 students from villages, to study at numerous universities, including significant numbers at various prestigious public universities. The intelligent poor also receive monthly living cost of Rp 600.000 during their 5-6 years of study. Still on the budget, the government has allocated a permanent education find for further masters and Phd degree for ten thousand intelligent but poor student. Access is also now widely open for students living in the eastern part of Indonesia to study at prestigious 15 public universities in big cities in Java. As for the elementary 9 years Compulsory study program, the government has extend it into a new 12 years, an additional 3 years of free school fee. Awards for the Indonesian Students. The government is also surprised to see that within the last 10 Years there are great numbers of genius Indonesian students who won numerous international science olympics with 217 gold medals, 389 silver medals and 494 bronze medals. An extraordinary achievement other regional countries may not be able to compete with. On health, Indonesia is proud to declare the biggest single Health security system in He world, called by BPJS, covering 126.4 million people who pay their monthly fee at as minimum as Rp 40.000 (equal to USD 3,8 per capita), where applicant numbers keep growing from time to time since its inception January 2014.

Montara Gulf Case.  The attorney in Canberra, Greg Phelps representing the Indonesian fishermen and East Timor fishermen urge Canberra to initiate a full coverage of investigation on the oil spill in 2009 at the Timor Sea by Montara, particularly by its subsidiary by PT TEP Australia, an Australian Company. The attorney argued that crude oil spill in 2009 indeed in fact did not washed over the sea surface, but indeed was below the sea and the sea bath, causing severe damages killing thousands of sea live below the surface and worst, new scientific evidence find some skin irritation to people live by the sea. Gregg Phelps further explained that, the Indonesian government has assisted him in providing evidencesand support to the people suffered. He added, it is PT PEP Australia who is bound by the law to conduct serious investigation to the area then conductor scientific researches including on the sample of the seawater, soil, and the mangrove sites being spoiled by the oil. The PT TEP Australia has responded by saying that, its independent study released by the Australian department of Environment found that Montana' crude oil spill apparently are 98% in the Australian territory, and no credible research find such environment deterioriation was caused by the oil spill, especially sea life at the Australian territory. PT TEP Australasia admitted has made several official meetingswith the Indonesian authorities. Pt TEP apparently has also admitted its fault and breach the Offshore Gas and Oil Exploration Law and paid fines of USD510,000 in 2009.

KPPU Cartel Investigation on Singapore  Dollar. The initiation of investigation on unfair trade practices was based on complaints and reports by the business parties, including report from Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) submitted to the Indonesia Fair Trade Practices - KPPU. The report was the existence of a strong indication of cartel practices by a number of Singaporean banks on silent agreements to setup higher exchange rates of Singapore Dollar against other 5 regional currencies, namely against Indonesian Rupiahs, Malaysian Ringgit, Vietnam, Thailand Baht, and Australian Dollar. The tricky practices by such Singaporean Banks has been identified earlier by the AAAC and has caused significant economic loss for Australia.

Indonesia-Australia signed the Code of Conduct. The signing has been concluded in Jakarta, by both foreign ministers, witnessed by the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. The code of conduct is merely a goodwill for both countries to ease the high tension diplomatic foreign relationship as neighbours. The code of conduct will govern a detail relation of do's and don't , and ethics, particularly on eavesdropping.

[July 2014]

Garuda Indonesia, the World's Best Cabin Staff 2014. The Award by Skytrax put Garuda Indonesia, the Indonesian national flag carrier equal to Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific during the Farnborough International Air show in London, recently. This award follows Garuda's achievement in 2012 as the Best Regional Airline. The 2014 Award covers not only for the cabin shaft, but also for 4 other categories, namely Best Business Class Comfort Amenties, Best First Class Comfort Amenties, Best Airline Staff Service in Asia, and World's Best Economy Class.

Indonesia GMF get EA5A Approval for Airbus. The Garuda Maintenance Facility Aero Asia - GMF, a subsidiary state-owned company of PT Garuda Indonesia also just recently awarded by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as center for training of the the Airbus Remote Training Center (ARTC). Such prestigious rating allows GMF to conduct training for civil aircraft of Airbus planes series of A320 and A330. The GMF was also awarded for other international class of civil aviation training series of AMTO 147 EASA, particularly to train aircraft of Boeing B737-NG and B747-400 within the standard of Europe. In the near future, GMF is planning to expand to open a training center for Canadian aircraft Bombardier CRJ1000 dan ATR72-60. GMF has been known also the hub for most international civil aircraft maintenance and services for engine and parts in the region for the last 20 years.

[June 2014]

Indonesian antibiotic microbe, a foreign high demand to steal. The release by the Indonesian Deputy of Natural Science of the Indonesian Institute for science - LIPI, was based on long experiences to witness how foreign entities are very much in interest to own series of wide variety of Indonesia's antibiotic microbes without permission or knowledge of the, to produce new variant of antibiotics for research and business purposes. This is due to their knowledge of how vast and wide variety of Indonesia's natural resources, highly precious, and easily to be taken without permission to the Indonesian authority. Countries knowingly with high activities are the Us, German and France. Microbe natural samples are very much easy to be taken, such as a scoop of spoon of soil from an extreme land area in Indonesia, which may represent the whole world living entity microbes. These microbe they in turn maybe produced into various anticancer drugs, core to speedup growth, or even as energy sources (from the lung of bees). In order to avoid fromsuch an ethical and stealing practices, LIPIhas conducted series of bilateral science cooperation, namely with German and the US through a so-called knowledge screening transfer.

30 % world illegal fishing is in Indonesia. The figure was released by the Food and Agricultural Organi2ation, Department of fisheries and aquaculture Department. The statement then is reinstated by the Indonesian Chairman of the Board ofTrustees of the Unitarian Indonesian Traditional fishermen (KNTI) . He added that the loss may reach 30%, Or around Rp 100 trillion (USD 8.5 billion), annually. The tremendous loss for Indonesia also caused dueto government low responses, bad sectoral management of natural resources due to the narrow vision as the role and functions of the maritime sector is only calculated on the basis of economic contribution and land area as an indicator of mobilization of the state resources. Finally, �he third challenge faced is the lack of participation by fishing organizations, farmers, and coastal people in drafting a public policy.

[May 2014]

Indonesia Rank 10th in World GDP. The release by the World Bank figures out, that  Indonesia's economy is in a very good shape, compared to the rest of the world, today. The United States remain in the first rank, followed by China, India, Japan, Germany, Russia, Brazil, France then Great Britain. The rank also shows strong optimism in Indonesia's economy players, with 6% growth in 2012-2013, and even better in the previous year with figure of 6,23%. China reached 7,75 percent the respective year. Malaysia sits on 5,3%, Singapore with 1,55, Vietnam 4,4%, and Thailand 2,6%.

[April 2014]

Trade Law, Released. The bill passed the parliament On 11 February 2014, with full acclaimed not only by majority of the   political parties, but also all Indonesian economy community components being represented. There are some important notes, namely of the trade preferential, Importation liberalization and import substitution. The bill has gone along chronological events, since its Inception in 1972. The Indonesian parIiament early  days rejected the bill in 1979, then it relapse in 2010, then finally found its acceleration in 2013. The new trade law will replace the archaic Dutch Trade Law 'KUHD' being tought at law schools until today, which most of its articles has been impaired by tens of partial new articles, regulation and new laws. Indonesian Deputy minister of Trade Bayu Krishnamurthy is very proud and optimist, that this new trade law gives more power to the government in managing, controlling and put punishment to all trade matters. Misleading in export and import will be punished (article 43), e-commerce is tighter (article 65-68), consumer protection is even more detailed, including protection and development of small to medium enterprises and cooperative (article 73). The parliament is also empowered in establishing and annulment of International trade agreement (article 83). Generally this new trade law is a controlled-regime, rather than a liberal one.

Food scam USD 15 billion due to food Hike Prices. The scam is of fake foods distributed within the market, in respond to the hike prices of 2,5% of food in the world. The scam in turn remain a dangerous potential to not only to heath, but also causing loss of agriculture revenue due to the price gap. The US FDA admitted, that it is hard to trace the distribution, though only 15% are imported domestically. The worst case of fake food in the American history is the fake honeybee, swept away the original honeybee from the market. Other fake foods are juices, olive oil, and sea foods. The fake food also is a tax scam, where USD 180 annual tax is potentially lost.


~ 2013 ~

[January 2013]

Australian Governmet to pay for Damages. The compensations are for damages of unlawful treatment to 48 Indonesian boat-people children detained in Australia during 2008 - 2011 on the basis of people-smuggling. The Indonesia KPAI - Komisi Perlindungan Anak Indonesia (the Indonesian Comission for Children Protection) further explained those children were merely and in fact are victim of trafficking, and therfor shall be released, instead of being detained and mixed with the elders in jail for more than 6 months, some are for more than 1 year. The children rights� of freedom has been torn away, intentionally through a mistreatment and wrongful judicial process in Australia. The KPAI work together with Komnas HAM (Indonesian Human Rigths Commission) and the Australian Human Rights Comission urge and compell the Australian Government to apologize for its negligence, wrongful judiciary process, detain and abuse of human rights then to pay compensation of damages, accordingly. The case is now being handled by a number of Australian lawyers and NGO.



Ailianz to pay fine us 12.4 mil for bribery. The US security Commission (SEC) ruled that Allianz has breached the US anti corruption practices (FCPA) as Allianz has been found guilty for bribing Indonesian goverment officers at USD 650,000 to win 295 Indonesian government insurance contracts between 2001 to 2008. For such contractcs made, the German-based Company took benefit at USD 5.3million.

[July 2012]

Indonesia to lend IMF. The amount lend is USD 1 million, as agreed by the Indonesian Central Bank and the Indonesian Government. Indonesia as a lender, wishes the amount to strengthen the IMF liquidity, as well as Indonesia� concern over the economy crisis in Europe. Senior Resident of the IMF Representative Jakarta Office, Milan Zavadjil further stated the amount shall to support developing countries in crisis and mostly to support Europe economy. The commitment has been previously addressed by the Indonesian President Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono during G20 meeting, as current Indonesia economy is in an excellent shape.


[November 2011]

UNESCO: Indonesian Saman Traditional Dance become World Cultural Heritage. Saman has been officially included in November 2011 in the list of intangible cultural heritage, which needs UNESCO�s urgent protection. The said UNESCO statement is to respond Indonesian government proposal to the UNESCO in March 2010. The official statement was addressed during the 6th session meeting in Bali, Indonesia, attended by 500 delegates of 69 countries, International NGO, culture experts and the media. The recognition follows previous UNESCO recognition of Indonesian culture of Angklung (traditional bamboo music instruments), Wayang (puppet doll), and Batik (traditional art sheets). The rationelle to include these into world cultural heritage is to protect its continuance of preservation and originality.

[September 2011]

Indonesia to build a Peacekeeping Center. Indonesian military is establishing a Peacekeeping Center, a simulation center for troops prior entering the conflict area. This center will also serve as a peace keeping all around the world as has been well preformed by the Indonesia� military corps at various UN Peacekeeping program around the world, from the first Indonesian contigent, namely Garuda Contigent 1 in Conga to XXVI. The center will also serve as a center of excellence, with completion of construction this 2011 and will be monitored by the UN Secretary General. Any country may use this center to improve their military capacity.

[July 2011]

Infrastructure Budget Leak. The new mechanism of public tender will minimize the leak of budget in government projects of infrastructure, since those who fails may re-appeal for tender. It is well known that in most projects. The budget reaches Rp1.300 trillion (USD 1.500 million) these years, 4 times higher than in the 1990s. The investment of infrastructure in Indonesia for 2010-2014 in remain high in energy, reaching 15,36 trillion Rupiahs in government project and 61,44 trillion Rupiah for private funded, electricity (125 � 205,79), post and telematic (24 � 215,97), roads (60,82 � 148,45), transportation (85,68 � 258,28), waters (48 � 13,03) and housing (27,19 � 140,33), respectively. The leak is identified, but not easy to investigate. Public can only see the leak for the quality and endurance of the infrastructure after being utilized.

2010, 2009,  2008

[August 2010]

Indonesia to Claim on Oil Spill in Timor Sea. The claim is for damage due to oil spilling caused by explosion of Montara oil rig in Timor Sea, East Nusa Tenggara. The claim responded to the contamination as part of an immediate recovery since the contamination has reached Indonesia� Economic Exclusive Zone and further has caused severe damages to local people at the coast. An Indonesian team has verified the damage suffered by the local people and to report to the President. The contamination at Montara Well Head Platform at Blok West Atlas, Timor Sea began in August 2009 and has spread to water area near Rute Ndao region and Sawu Sea, particularly accros Sabu Raijua region and southern coast of Timor Island. The spill of light crude oil is counted at 64 ton per day (400 barrel). Montara is an Thailand company, which is said to be responsible for the damage.

[July 2010]

Indonesian Constitutional Court (�MK�) to host Constitutional Courts Asia 7th Conference. The conference agenda is to discuss election court theme and the declaration of Constitutional Court Association of Asia, called as �Jakarta Declaration�. Participants are from 26 delegations from Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Filipina, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Korea Republic, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Tadjikistan. From outer Asia will be Austria, Germany, Turkey, Colombia, Mexico, Morocco and Egypt. To ensure the conference running smoothly, MK is being assisted by Ministry of Foreign Affair, Ministry of Coordination of Politic, Law, and Security, general directorate of highway construction and maintenance, Angkasa Pura, General Directorate of Immigration, and Police. Indonesian MK is appointed to host is due to its success story settling disputes rose during Indonesian general election and its effectiveness in muffling the conflicts in its very young age of establishment.

[June 2010]

Hundreds of Indonesian Lecturers and Researchers Now Serving in Malaysia. The said numbers are now serving their knowledge in Malaysia�s education institutions from high school to major universities in Malaysia. The demands of Indonesian lecturers and researchers are so high since Malaysia has limited Malaysian educated human resources. According to the Chief of Indonesian Lecturer and Researcher Association in Malaysia (ILRAM), DR. Riza Muhadi, the Indonesian researchers spread in many areas of knowledge. Riza whom also a lecturer a Malaysian International Islam University (UUIM) and the chairman of International Indonesian Scientist Community, these Indonesian highly-international caliber scientist returned home, following the studies abroad, then make their way straight to Malaysia. The statistic shows significant increase in the last 4 years, for example, Indonesian lecturers in UUIM has reached 40, and keep increasing 4 to 5 peoples, annually. Indonesian lecturers also achieve appreciation in Malaysia, as Dr. Seca Gandaseca, lecturing in Universitas Putra Malaysia, was awarded as best lecturer. IIUM, also DR. Irwandi Jaswir as the best researcher in 2009, defeated other competitors from Malaysia and other countries. He also the best young scientist in Asia-Pacific and represented IIUM and Malaysia. The most interesting part is, that surprisingly those Indonesians migrants keep their Indonesian nationalities and spirit as Indonesians.

6 major Indonesian Public Universities Rank inTop 200 Asian University 2010. The list shows that Universitas Indonesia is at the rank 50, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) at rank 85, Universitas Airlangga (109), Institut Teknologi Bandung (113), and Institut Pertanian Bogor (119) and Universitas Diponegoro moves up to ranking 161st best universities in Asia (2010) together with Universitas Padjadjaran, as it�s previously was in ranking 171st.  Q.S. parameters are based on nine indicators in evaluating achievement of Asian universities, covering from (1) academic peer review (research quality) through survey in academic community, (30% portion), (2) students to faculty ratio which indicates student quantity ration to the lecturer (20% portion), (3) citations per paper (15%), (4) review on alumnus job market (10%), (5)papers published per faculty (15%). How the university engages with international relation is also considered as international outlook side, such as foreign student exchange (inbound and outbound) , numbers of international students, numbers of lecturer from abroad taught in the university, all at 2.5% portion, respectively.

[May 2010]

[May 2010]

The Indonesian Fair Trade Commission - KPPU Called For Temasek Penalty Payment. Temasek, a Singapore company is subject to pay Rp. 30 billion penalty following the rejection over verdict review by the Indonesian Supreme Court over the cross ownership case in Indosat and Telkomsel, both Indonesian major telecommunication company who Temasek own significant shares.  The rejection indicated Temasek�s legal rights meet its last resort. The decision to pay has been since December 2009 expected to be carried soon after the rejection.

Background: The case initialized in November 19 2007, KPPU ruled that Temasek� shares ownership in both telecommunication service company, Telkomsel and Indosat, violated Law 5/1999 on Restriction on Monopoly and Unfair Trading. Temasek, beyond reasonable doubt, was found guilty in violating article 27 a Law 5/1999. According to the article, business person is restricted to possess majority shares in same types companies with same main business activity, same market, one business person or group whom control 50% of market segment or particular services or goods. AS a result, KPPU ordered Temasek Holdings to end its shares ownership at both companies by releasing all its shares in one company or by reducing 50% ownership in each company, not later than two years after the verdict has been declared final and binding. Reluctant to hear the verdict, Temasek Holding Ltd, ST Telemedia Pte Ltd, STT Communications Ltd. (STT), Asia Mobile Holding Company Pte Ltd (AMHC), Asia Mobile Holdings  Pte Ltd, Indonesia Communications Limited, Indonesia Communications Pte Ltd, Singapore Telecommunications Ltd, Singapore Telecom Mobile Pte Ltd, appeal the verdict to Central Jakarta District Court. In fact, Court strengthened KPPU�s decision. Supreme Court also rejected their appeal through MA verdict Number 496 K/Pdt. Sus/ 2008 at 10 September 2008. Temasek was ordered to release its shares in Indosat and Telkomsel. Temasek agree to release it, but the release was given to Qatar Telecom, one of Temasek partner companies, through STT. Still, Temasek also must pay Rp.15 Billion penalty to State. Temasek states its pursuance to the verdict and waiting the paying order from the Court, since the verdict is still a publication, said Deputy of Corporate Secretary, Ersyah Marianto. PT Telkomsel Tbk. as the holding company and majority-share holdes of Telkomsel mentions its intention to study the verdict. The verdict however will effecting shares ownership in Telkomsel, and coordination for further steps is needed, said Vide President Marketing and Communication Telkom, Eddy Kurnia.

[March 2010]

Indonesian Student Invented Pyramid Calculation Pattern. The 15 years student Ibrahim Handoko then was casted by the German Press for his success in formulating an equation used for completing an infinitive pyramid calculation. He did the correct calculation equity it only during his spare times instead, which amazes his teacher who told the press This story wass initialized when Ibrahim intended to help his sister finishing her school work in summing numbers at top element of pyramid. Commonly, the problem is done by summing the digit one by one in each structuring element to find total amount in the pyramid. But using Ibrahim�s pattern, this process could be done more quickly and precisely without counting the digit one by one. Ibrahim then is now being nominated in Best Youth Researcher 2010 in Germany. This son of Budi Handoko and Nuningsih is also awarded for best mathematic person and entitled to represent his district in state-mathematic olympic competition.

Indonesian Government Finance Consultants to be European Government Consultant. The recent request of the Indonesian government finance consultants to foreign finance institutions (such as Spain and Portugal) was conveyed by the Indonesian Secretary of Finance to the World Bank Head of Delegation in Indonesia. The statement instead of an arrogant one, was triggered by the success story of Indonesian finance consultant to curb the ratio decrease to level 30% (October 2009) from 89% debt ratio to GNP (2000). Early in January 2010, the world was shocked by debt crisis potential in Europe. Public debt of 16 European Union members came to average of 84% of Gross National Product (�GNP�) in 2010, beyond the maximum 60% of GNP limit of public debt, according to Development and Stability Pact. Germany which known for its strictness to maintain fiscal stability has been suffered 78% of GNP rising on public debt this year. France public debt has attained 75.8% of GNP on III quarterly period of 2008, while Greece already in the level 120% of GNP in 2010 (Kompas, January 4, 2010). In Asia, Japan�s debt was estimated to reach 53.5 trillion yen, equal as US$ 597 billion, in undergoing budget period 1April 2009-31 March 2010, which already a record for this country.

[January 2010]

4 Indonesian Student achieved an Award in Germany. The said 4 Indonesian State UGM Students won a gold medal at the Mondialogo Engineering Award final round held in Stuttgart, German in November 4th, where the four Annisa Utami, Annisa Sekar Palupi, Benny and M. Aqwi Gibran from UGM Chemical Engineering team collaborated with Chalmers University, Sweden. Benny, a 2006 grade student representing UGM, whom paired with Marcus Hodberg from Chalmers University, Sweden, explained their research proposal called Zero Waste Integration in a Small/ Medium Industrial Cluster. UGM team gain first position among 30 finalists from around the world. With a convincing performance, the collaboration snatched one best position out of 8 gold medal gainers in this tournament. This success has awarded the team with 15.000 euro. The award was attended by McLaren Mercedes driver, Luis Hamilton.

Indonesia to lead as Asian coordinator for Asian-Latin America (FEALAC). The appointment resulted from Secretary of Foreign Affair Summit held in two days in Tokyo, Japan, and ended 17 January 2010. According to the Indonesian Secretary of State, Marty Natalegawa, Indonesia is well prepared for bridging Asia and Latin America, as  been proven in the 1955 Asia-Africa Conference in Bandung. With the same spirit, Indonesia shall become likewise in Asia-Latin America cooperation.

~ 2009 ~

[December 2009]

Indonesia to Review Free Trade Agreement (FTA) ASEAN-China. The review are as requested by a number Indonesian manufacturer associations in anticipation of the impact which FTA in force in 1 January 2010. The associations manufacture primarily are steel, footwear and textile, are seen as sensitive products less competitive and therefore, seeks for more protection from the Indonesian government. Other industries are furniture and cosmetics, where the Indonesia less competitiveness are due to in favorable policies applied by the government of China for its domestic industries, such incentives and better infrastructure. Thus, the FTA is seen merely for the benefit for the said countries. To respond this, the Indonesian department of Trade and Department of Industry will set up a team to review the said possibility.

[November 2009]

Indonesia and Malaysia finally come to an initial agreement over the Indonesia Domestic workers in Malaysia. The said which issues are crucial due to many human rights abuses by the Malaysian Employers. The points in agreements covers the issue of minimum wages, paid insurance by the employer, one day weekly leave, passports hold by the employee and finally compulsory psychological test for employers prior to employment. The Malaysian government have objection over the paid salaries, admitting that most Malaysians homes are not in the capacity to pay salary of 250 US dollars per month to the domestic workers, particularly after the financial crisis where poor families increases significantly in Malaysia. Indonesia also urge psychological test for Malaysian employers, since in most cases of human rights abuses towards Indonesian domestic workers by the Malaysians are identified that the most Malaysian employers are mentally ill. Trasnsparent and qualified legal system is also another issue in Malaysia, where most criminal cases of human abuses no yet settled.

[October 2009]

Indonesia at Strategic Level in G-20. The Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in his speech at the G-20 in Pittsburgh last September, welcomes the permanent G-20 as an institution where Indonesia is included. He expected G-20 to bring a better civilization, representing the east and the west, and even Islamic Civilization and a forum to build a much safer world. He is of the opinion that G-20 replacing G-8, will play different significant role than G-7 or G-8, which both G-7 ands 8 only represents developed countries, mostly from Europe, except Japan as Asian representation. Indonesia sit at number 16 on the world� big economic growth. 

Keris, Wayang and Batik, an Indonesian original Common World Heritage of Mankind. Following the UNESCO Recognition of Indonesia original cultural world heritage of Keris and Wayang since 2003, now UNESCO agreed Batik (an Indonesian traditional sheets used for clothing) as Indonesia� original cultural world heritage since September 2009, a ceremony to be held in Abu Dhabi 2 October 2009.  The Common World Heritage of Mankind of UNESCO is one of three lists made under the UNESCO 2003 on the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Mankind, where Indonesian is one of the ratifying country. The recognition is part if the effortless Indonesian government attempt since 2008, though projects of intensive researches in the field, involving the community and Batik experts at 17 out of 33 provinces all over Indonesia. The UNESCO after 2 years of considerations by 6 countries, considers that Batik indeed is originally an Indonesian nation cultural icon with unique of symbols and philosophy of human life cycle. It represents not only Indonesia, but also mankind. Batik is considered a traditional art with rich of cultural values maintained for generations. The Indonesian Minister of Culture is now attempting to include Angklung (a traditional bamboo music instruments), to be the next recognition by the UNESCO.

[September 2009]

Dispute Over Songs between Indonesia and Malaysia. The Indonesian song titled �Terang Bulan� and Malaysian national anthem called �Negaraku�, are exactly same in its introduction and intonation, except for the lyrics and patriotical beat for the Malaysian Anthem. According to Lokananta, an Indonesian State Enterprise in recordings, the Indonesian �Terang Bulan� song was recorder by Lokananta in a choir version at the Republic of Indonesia Government Radio in 1956, a year earlier to Malaysia independence. The recorded song was copied into phonograph and sited in Lokananta Archive in 1965. Lokananta Archive only stated that the said song is an entertainment song or a popular public song, in Keroncong genre categorization, on 11 minute and 15 second duration and without a composer name. The said song rerecorded to a phonograph on 16 March 1965, together with 3 other keroncong genre songs. �Terang Bulan� was popular in Indonesia years before recorded. The old generation who lived on the era of the said song must be agree that the Malaysian national anthem �Negaraku� was copied from �Terang Bulan�.

KPK formed cooperation with 3 Australian state departments for corruption eradication. The said departments are The Attorney General Department (AGD), The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI) - a state department similar to KPK in Australia, and The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) - a department supervising the state official in Australia. The said cooperation covers information exchange, corruption eradication strategy, and strengthening the linkage in each department on both countries. KPK stated that the essence of this cooperation is in the capacity building, competency upgrades through training and exchange of experts, such as in the issues of intelligent, information gathering, investigation, allegation process, and mutual legal assistance, and also extradition. Through this cooperation, the corruption eradication expected to be more effective. The cooperation in extradition issue for example, will guarantee that the corruptor and its assets be caught even if they are escapeing to Australia

[August 2009]

Malaysia back on the Black List of Human Trafficking: US Government. The list is due to the failure of the Malaysian government to meet minimum requirement and less significant effort of human trafficking, a list which put Malaysia from Watch List status in 2008 and Blacklist status in 2007 together with other 16 countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Chad, Eritrea, Nigeria, Mauritania, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. In respond, the Malaysian government refused, by saying they have taken significant moves to solve it. The said announcement is on US Report in the �Trafficking in Persons Report 2009� at 173 countries all over in the world.

[July 2009]

Unites States President, Barrack Obama congratulate Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for Success. The statement through the White House official website of the United State of America, where the US President Barrack Obama congratulate Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) for his success to held the 2009 general election and win it. SBY thank and welcomed the salutation statement from President Barrack Obama.

[June 2009]

Malaysia Navy trespassed Indonesian Seawaters at Ambalat. The move by Malaysian Navy and coastguards at the Ambalat areas in late May 2009, was then ordereds to leave the waters by the Indonesian sea patrol KRI Untung Suropati. The appearance of KD Yu-3508 (Malaysian navy boat) fast attack craft-gun type boat, on 04.03.00 LU/118.01.70 East Longitude position, already entered Indonesia territory at 12 sea miles, clearly violating the UNCLOS on sea border territory. The moves were held more than 10 times by Malaysian navy and airships for the last 1 month, have increased tensions between both governments and Defense Secretaries. To avoid from further gun attacks, the Malaysian Parliament and Malaysian Minister of Defense has submitted its formal apology to the Indonesian government, mid June 2009.

Material Transfer Agreement agreed by the World Health Assembly (WHA). Indonesian Minister of Health figured that 90% success has been reached by the Indonesian party. It is expected that with the SMTA, Indonesia can get direct access for the utilization (the progress, the research, for vaccines uses and the party who uses) of Indonesian viruses or materials being shared to the WHA. WHA is the highest World Healthy Organization hearing forum. Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA) is an agreement to share viruses or sample.

[May 2009]

Indonesian Navy caught Malaysian Fishing Boat in Riau Island of the Indonesian Territorial Waters for Illegal Fishing. According to the Indonesian Balai Karimun Navy HQ Commander, Navy Lieutenant Colonel Kusmayadi, the 5 Malaysians are still under investigation for illegal fishing at the Iyu Kecil territorial watery, Karimun regency, Kepri Province, which  violated Law No. 31 year 2004 on Fisheries. The Malaysian fishing boat number JHF 58 B GT 6,37, captained by Lee Book Soen is exploring fish from Kukup Laut, Pontian, Malaysia, . entered the Indonesian territorial waters with fish trap. According to statistic, released by the Indonesian Minister of Marine and Fisheries Freddy Numberi. illegal fishing at the Indonesian waters has caused Rp. 30 billion state loss, annually, which is decreasing lately. Illegal fishing is mainly triggered by lack of raw materials in the China, the Phillipines and Thailand, where illegal fishing at the Indonesian waters is seen as an alternative.  The said legal issues of marines and fisheries are now being handled through the signing of MOU by the Indonesian General Attorney and the Ministry of Fisheries to force the said countries to establish fishery industries in Indonesia instead of illegal fishing.

[March 2009]

Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Franco Frattini: Tolerance in Indonesia, a Model for the World to Learn. The International Conference on �Unity in Diversity, the Culture of Coexistence in Indonesia� in Rome, was held by the cooperation of the Indonesian and Italian government with Communit� di Sant� Egidio. It is said that, Indonesia is a country with the largest Moslem population in the world, as well as a model for the moderate Islamic tradition, who live side by side peacefully with other religions for over hundred years. Prof. Andrea Riccardi, the founder of Sant� Egidio, said that Indonesia is a plurality laboratory (pluralism), and the world needs civilization, where people shall live side by side, peacefully (so called 'civilization of coexistence'). This conference is a forum to learn and share experiences, and its aim is to build a high-level dialog between representatives of Islamic organization in Indonesia and scholars from Italia. The resource persons from Indonesia are General Principal of PBNU KH. Hasyim Muzadi, Prof. Dr. Bachtiar Effendi, Prof. Dr. Siti Musdah Mulia, Prof. Dr. Azyumardi Azra, Uskup Martinus D. Situmorang, representative from Indonesian State Ministry Prof. Atho Muzhar, Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat dan Dr. Fatimah Husein. Indonesia also stated its willingness to be the home country for the upcoming conference next year.

WIEF: Jakarta Declaration by Islamic Countries. The World Islamic Economic Forum on its the 5th conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, declared the mutual agreement between Islamic countries called the �Jakarta Declaration�. One of the important points is to accommodating the Indonesian government proposal, brought by the Indonesian President Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono on the structuring the support fund from and used by the syariah (Islamic Law) economic based countries or known by Islamic Expenditure Support Fund. The Jakarta Declaration then establishes seven groups of recommendation, namely (1) recommendation to overcome global financial crisis, (2) steps to secure food product, (3) energy protection, (4) the global development of small and medium size business, (5) the development of business conducting by women in Moslem country, (6) the capacity development of young leader in the Islamic Conference Organization (OKI) country, and (7) the agreement on education development.

Indonesian and Australian Government signed MOU on Visa. The annual 100 double -function visa is particularly designed for Indonesian students both for holiday and work, valid for students age of 18-30 years old subject to requirements the ability to speak both countries languages, healthy, good behavior, and single.  The aim of this MOU is to provide chances for Indonesian students to travel and learn about the life, culture, economy of the neighboring country, while working as their source of fund during holiday. Indonesia is the 7th country in agreement on the implementation of this double function visa. The 100 initial visas is subject to examination the upcoming year.

Indonesian and Australian Government signed MOU Human Trafficking. The MOU is to avoid the case where Indonesia has become a pivot point for this trafficking to Australia. Both Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights, Andi Matalata, and Australian Minister of immigration and Citizenship, Chris Evans agree to discuss the details in the upcoming Bali Peace Meeting, such as Rohingya tribe from Burma. For the latter particular case, Indonesia has its policy to provide an immigration detention house in Tanjung Pinang,  while seeks for  an integrated solution in a short time.

[February 2009]

The US State Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton visited Indonesia. The 2 days official visit will cover various issues between the US, Indonesia and ASEAN. Hillary Clinton on behalf of the US Government expects both countries will reach new form of cooperation in law supremacy, peaceful resolution of conflict, human rights, education, health, environment, good governance, and mutual understanding Further, Hillary expresses her good impression of Indonesia in democracy, Islam and progress of role of Indonesian women. Hillary Clinton, once a leading American lawyer and a Senator, is also fully aware of hardships faced by the current Indonesian administration led by President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono due to multi dimensional and great pressures to undergo managing 240 millions of people. The official visit, the first and only country in Southeast Asia, is also expected to built and recover US' unpopular image due to its past international political regime.

US to play more role in ASEAN. The official statement was delivered by the US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton during the official visit to the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, Indonesia. US current administration expects to accelerate the signing of Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in the Southeast Asia. The Minister also admitted that this is the first time the US emphasized its foreign policy toward ASEAN member countries in order to empower a productive ties through cooperation, which under the previous US administration was not on priority. The US region strategic positioning in ASEAN are being mapped as a region  characterized by its particular orientation in trade, significant economy power, and as a key to solve problem in climate change and terrorism. The ASEAN Secretariat in response, is of the opinion that US current administration views its commitments in politics and security over the region. Technically, the US will soon attend the ASEAN  Post Ministerial Meeting in Bangkok, this July, and implementation through facilitation and training support for the ASEAN staff at the ASEAN Secretariat.

Indonesian Captain involved in an Incident at Vladivostok, Russia. The captain and other 5 Indonesian sailor at a China cargo ships, failed to escape after the cargo sunked at the Vladivostok Port, shot by the port authority of Russia this February. The cargo ships was earlier detained by the Vladivistok Port Authority for goods being disputed between the buyer in Russia and Seller from China. However, the captain was then forced by the ship owner in China to leave without authorization from the port authority, compelling the port authority to shoot the cargo. The captain fortunately signed a release of discharge with the ship owner, prior to the incident, knowing his action might took serious legal consequences. The Indonesian Embassy in Moscow has act proportionally under the Vienna Convention 1965 on Diplomatic Relation, by protecting the 6 Indonesians abroad.

Indonesian School in the Netherland represent Indonesia at the UN International Conference Simulation. The official name The Hague International Model United Nation (THIMUN) will be participated by students from various countries, with agenda to train participants to act as diplomat at UN IGO forum to discuss issues in international politics, globalization, effective communication, and multilateral diplomacy. The said 12 Indonesian students will be supervised by 3 other Indonesian teachers.

Indonesian Commission on Corruption Eradication (KPK) and Indonesian State Auditor (BPK) Found Mismanagement of Foreign Loan. KPK and BPK will investigate The Indonesian National Economy Planning and Development Body (BAPPENAS), The Central Bank (BI), Department of Finance (Depkeu), and other state enterprises due to mis-utilization of those foreign loans. According to KPK, the number from Department of finance record reached Rp 450 trillion, while the Central bank verse shows Rp 443 trillion. According to BPK, from 1967 to 2005 only 44% of the foreign loan used appropriately, while the other 56% is used unclearly. KPK will then check whether these falls into legal issue or administration fault. BPK wish to have a clearer versions due growing numbers of loan repayment.

[January 2009]

5 Australians Charged 2 Years Imprison for Illegal Trespassing by Merauke�s District Court. They are who illegally landed with small aircraft with no flight clearance at Papua small airport on 12 September 2008. The four passengers are Vera Scott Bloxom, Karen Burke, Hubert Hofer and Keit Rowals Mortimer who�s sentenced to two years in prison and fined Rp 25 million (USD 2,600) for violating Articles 53 and 6 of Law No. 9/1992 on immigration, while the pilot Scott Bloxom, is sentenced to three years in prison and fined Rp 50 million (USD 5,200) for violating Articles 58 and 13 (2) of Law No. 15/1992 on aviation. The 5 Australians told the police that their purpose of visit was sightseeing. They board a light (twin-piston) P-68 aircraft, registration code VH-PFP, and landed on Mopah, Merauke. Responding the court verdict, the defendant request for an appeal. Meanwhile, an Australian media ( reported, that an Australian parliament member had already contact the Australian PM and Minister of Foreign Affairs to find a guarantee that the federal government will make their best effort to defend the five defendants.