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Welcome to DahanaRekan Law Office, an independent office of Indonesian attorneys-at-law. The office was established in 2000, provide you with legal advisory services in the area of corporate-commercial law, trade law or property law, in order to secure client' business or trade  transactions and to assure them to remain in the legal avenue.

DahanaRekan' legal counsels' strength and distinct relies in its years of legal expertise not only in Indonesian law, but also in private international law and public international law, with long professional track as legal counsel  at law offices, companies, academic institution, and international organization. Our office is also listed as legal counsel in a number of foreign national embassies in Jakarta since 2006.


Contact numbers:

T: +(62-21) 8378.0453    


Office Address:

Suite IO-07 Rasuna Office Park (ROP) Jl. Taman Rasuna Selatan, The Epicentrum Kuningan Business District, Jakarta 12960 - INDONESIA





Indonesia law update:

(Updated!) 2018: [April] the United Nations Focuses on Human Rights violation by Companies in Indonesia. The High Commissioner of Human Rights for the United Nations in New York - UNHRHC urged the Indonesian government to assure that businesses by the corporations in Indonesia do not violates human rights due to reports received by the UN, recently. The UN HR further emphasize the violation locus are of customary laws, workers and farmers across Indonesia in Sumatera through Papua over frustration experienced in recent  years. The report focused on the environment detrimental, water poisoning, land illegal takeover and health hazard experienced by the locals where they were not party during the investment process by the investing companies. Currently, there are 200 land rights civil fighters are facing thread in court for rights they are fighting for..... More on 2018 Law Update)

news from DahanaRekanNews:

[CSR] Mootcourt Competition. Along the year of 20016 until 2018, DahanaRekan has been involved in coaching teams of law students of Padjadjaran University in around 35 teams of total 400 students in national and international law debate competitions with flying color results ... find more in our [News]

news from UNSW Law Alumni [2017]

Annual Gathering, March 2017. The gathering attended by 7 UNSW law alumni was held at Bebek Bali Restaurant in Epicentrum Kuningan Business District in Jl Rasuna Said Jakarta. The evening was fruitful as most of the alumni gets older but still recall their memories of good times and hard times as students. A number of bureaucrats got promoted or posted as part of their career. .... More on UNSW Law Alumni Indonesia 2013 ...


December 2011. The United States Embassy in Jakarta has included DahanaRekan law office in its list of referred law office in Jakarta for American nationals during their stay in indonesia for business purposes. Previuosly in 2007, DahanaRekan Law Office was also listed as the law office referred at the Embassy of Canada in Jakarta. Visit the site here.





Indonesia Law Update:

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